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{New Podcast Episode} Real Talk on Anxiety & Expecting Blessings in the Midst of Difficult Seasons

Hi, friends, Raise your hand if you have, or are currently, walked through a difficult season. Now, raise the other hand if you have ever struggled with anxiety. My guess is that every single person reading this raised both hands. I am excited to bring this new podcast episode to you on “Expecting Blessings During Difficult Seasons“. I had the privilege of interviewing my friend, Diana Burks, on this topic just days before my dad had a very invasive back surgery. God knew I needed to hear this message because I leaned on so much truth and wisdom that I gleaned from recording this episode. Some things we chat about: A difficult season Diana walked through and what God taught her Real Talk about anxiety, how it emerged in a difficult season & how she combats it Practical tips for someone currently in a difficult season The truth about God during these difficult seasons Her heart & ministry for young girls Her new book, “Ignite Your Influence” releasing this year Grab a box of kleenex, some pen & paper to take notes, and make time to listen to this episode. I know it will bless you like it did me. You can connect with Diana here: Ignite Influence Ministries God’s Girls Greatness If you are loving the show, we would love for you to subscribe on Stitcher, Google Play,...

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2 Books Every Kid Will Love! {GIVEAWAY}

Hi, friends, I am excited to bring you two really fun books for your kids this month! I have to admit that I wanted to skip the reviews this month. I love doing them but my schedule is so full now that I am podcasting and in grad school that it can be just one more thing to do. Can any other moms out there relate? But, my kids have come to expect fun book mail from Tommy Nelson publishers each month. When I got the email for April book pick options, my 6-year-old son begged me to get all...

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A 9-Minute Podcast plus an Apology!

Hi, friends, I’m dropping in real quick to tell you I’m sorry I lied to you. When I released the Real Talk with Rachael podcast I said I would only be releasing one new episode a month. But yesterday, God began to stir my heart to put some of my most watched Facebook live videos on the podcast. I should know better than to put God in a box when it comes to my dreams. After some research, I was able to get them converted to the podcast.  With that said, the sound quality isn’t quite as good since I didn’t record the videos with a mic, but no worries, most of them are short words in due season that I believe will bring encouragement to your day. I will still only be releasing 1-2 guests interviews a month on the podcast and will sprinkle in 1-2 short words of encouragement from past, or new, Facebook live videos. I have a short, 9-minute word for you today on the podcast called, “How to Move Forward when Your Confidence is Shaken”. We discuss TWO things you can do when your confidence is shaken as you move toward your God-given dreams. You can listen to it on iTunes, Sticher, Google Play, or right here on the blog. As always, if you don’t mind leaving a review on iTunes, so other listeners...

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The Only Truth You Need to Know this Easter

Happy Good Friday! I hadn’t planned on writing anything about Easter because sometimes I see us well-meaning, Christian bloggers, use God’s name for own glory to get more likes, shares, etc(but that’s a different post for another day). I told God if he has anything he would like me to share I would be happy to do so. I had nothing to share until this morning when I was helping my daughter with her math problems. She missed several problems simply because she was doing simple math wrong. She was working long complex equations, doing all the steps right...

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Real Talk about Body Image with Heather Creekmore {Ep. 02}

Hi, friends! Episode 02 of Real Talk with Rachael is HERE! Thank you so much to those of you who listened to Episode 01 about the “Who, Why, What” of this podcast. I especially appreciate your encouraging words and iTunes reviews! Don’t forget you can purchase a “Be Real, Live Free” tank or shirt from She Creates in Joy. 20% of all proceeds go to support this podcast. Episode 02 is one you do not want to miss. In this episode, we do some real talk about body image with the author of “Compared to Who“, Heather Creekmore. We discuss the real culprit behind body image issues as well as how Heather made her debut on the Netflix show, “Nailed It“. What we discuss: The elephant in the room when it comes to body image How Heather stumbled upon being an author and why she struggles with that title The cure for our body image struggles Practical tips on raising girls to have a healthy body image How Heather got invited to be on the reality tv show, “Nailed It” How to enter to WIN a copy of Heather’s book (see Rafflecopter below) Where you can follow Heather: Instagram: @comparedtowho You can listen to the show here by clicking the link below OR anywhere you access your podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play).   Would you like to WIN a...

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How to Exchange Pressure for Peace

The pressure in my life has been rising for some time now. We all feel it. Some seasons it’s more intense than others. Some pressure can be good because it can shape and mold us into the person we are called to be. The problem with too much pressure is that it has the potential to steal our peace. This morning as I had my quiet time I told the Lord I felt like I might erupt if the pressure doesn’t let up soon. I immediately felt him say, “Rachael, will you exchange that pressure for my peace?”. Of course,...

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