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Real Talk about Body Image with Heather Creekmore {Ep. 02}

Hi, friends! Episode 02 of Real Talk with Rachael is HERE! Thank you so much to those of you who listened to Episode 01 about the “Who, Why, What” of this podcast. I especially appreciate your encouraging words and iTunes reviews! Don’t forget you can purchase a “Be Real, Live Free” tank or shirt from She Creates in Joy. 20% of all proceeds go to support this podcast. Episode 02 is one you do not want to miss. In this episode, we do some real talk about body image with the author of “Compared to Who“, Heather Creekmore. We discuss the real culprit behind body image issues as well as how Heather made her debut on the Netflix show, “Nailed It“. What we discuss: The elephant in the room when it comes to body image How Heather stumbled upon being an author and why she struggles with that title The cure for our body image struggles Practical tips on raising girls to have a healthy body image How Heather got invited to be on the reality tv show, “Nailed It” How to enter to WIN a copy of Heather’s book (see Rafflecopter below) Where you can follow Heather: Instagram: @comparedtowho You can listen to the show here by clicking the link below OR anywhere you access your podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play).   Would you like to WIN a...

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How to Exchange Pressure for Peace

The pressure in my life has been rising for some time now. We all feel it. Some seasons it’s more intense than others. Some pressure can be good because it can shape and mold us into the person we are called to be. The problem with too much pressure is that it has the potential to steal our peace. This morning as I had my quiet time I told the Lord I felt like I might erupt if the pressure doesn’t let up soon. I immediately felt him say, “Rachael, will you exchange that pressure for my peace?”. Of course,...

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Real Talk with Rachael Podcast is HERE!!

Hi friends, The day I have been working toward for a long time is finally here! The Real Talk with Rachael Podcast has officially launched! In this first episode, I briefly discuss: Who is this Rachael Gilbert girl? Why does she feel completely unqualified to start this podcast and why she is doing it anyway. What you can expect from the podcast in each episode. Note: the frequency of how often new episodes release is subject to change because, let’s be real, seasons of life change! Since I still blog, run a business and homeschool my kids, I will plan on releasing one new episode...

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Why I Don’t Schedule Time to Pray {Book Review & Giveaway}

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing. 1 Thes. 5:16-17 I love to pray. I’m not talking about the kind of fancy prayers that put you to sleep. To put it simply, I love talking with God all day, every day. I don’t schedule a time to pray because prayer is part of who I am. Prayer is like brushing our teeth. We do it so much without giving it any thought. I do not have to write myself a note on my calendar to brush my teeth, it just happens because it is a part of my lifestyle. And if...

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Purpose over Position {#realtalkwithRachael}

Hi friends, It’s been a while since I’ve written about a #realtalkwithrachael topic. Mostly because I am working on launching the “Real Talk with Rachael” podcast (more info on that coming soon)! I recently stepped down from a position that some might consider having great influence. When I shared with someone that I stepped down from it, she said: “wow, I can’t believe you would give up that position”. Our conversation has made me reevaluate my “why” on things I do in life. It can be so tempting to stay in a job or position of leadership simply because...

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What Do You Really Believe About God?

What do you really believe about God?  Like most Southerners, I grew up attending church at least 3 times a week. If there was an evangelist in town we were literally at the church every day of the week (any other evangelical kids in the house?!). To top it all off, I was a pastor’s kid. Given my upbringing, one might assume that I know the Bible front to back and can quote scripture on cue. But one would be wrong in assuming such a thing. Simply growing up in church does not save us nor does it ensure...

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