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A Redemption Story {Loved Baby Giveaway}

As I sat in my obyn’s office yesterday, a flood of emotions and memories came back to me. 7 years ago I sat in that very office as I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. To most, that would seem like exciting news, but for me, it brought fear. Just a few months before I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child I had miscarried our 3rd child. I was in Oklahoma because my older sister was in labor with her first child. She had asked me to come to her labor to act as...

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Why I am Ready to Quit #realtalk

Hi, friends! If you follow me on social media, you know that I just came off an amazing time of hiking the Grand Canyon & co-hosting the Declare Conference. I have so many things I want to share with you about those of those trips but I feel God asking me to take a pause and do some #realtalk with you about what’s really going on with me. I started blogging 3 years ago simply to work on my writing. It turned out I had more to share than I thought and God has written and spoken some pretty cool things through me. But as I’ve found myself more immersed in ministry and surrounded by others who do the same, I am seeing a matter of the heart that I can’t ignore. Anytime I am noticing a sin in others I feel the Lord remind me about the plank in my own eye. Sometimes God will open our eyes to others sin in order to reveal that very sin in our own lives. I am seeing myself, and others, start out with very pure intentions of wanting to encourage others and lead them to Jesus. But somewhere along the way, it becomes less about Jesus and more about me. This is not something I am proud to admit, but often when I post things on social media I care...

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2 Lethal Weapons to Give Your Daughter

A few months ago I was speaking at women’s event and was asked what resources I recommend for girls. I have two daughters, ages 8 & 10, and I am always on the lookout for resources for them. After speaking at different women’s events I have noticed the recurring theme that many lies us women believe started when we were young. As I’ve realized this I have become even more intentional with equipping my girls with tools and resources to combat those lies with the truth from God’s word. My husband & I are business owners and last week our local chamber hosted an afternoon tea for women. I decided to bring my girls along with me. My oldest brought her “Sound Mind Sewing” business cards to hand out. She also was a finalist in the hat competition and won! Before we left for that afternoon tea, I received two new resources for girls in the mail to review on my blog. I felt as though God opened the heavens and dropped the exact resources we needed for that day. I’m excited to share them with you and give one of each away to a few lucky readers! Weapon 1: The Backpack Bible This one made my oldest daughter squeal with excitement. It is small enough to fit into a purse or tote bag. She immediately claimed one and has...

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Getting to Know Me {Declare Link-up}

Hi, friends!  For those of you who don’t know, I joined the Declare Conference team this year! I was honored and humbled when they asked me to join the team at the Community Encourager. I love community and encouraging so it has been a perfect fit for my giftings and heart for people. In case you’ve never heard of Declare, it is a conference who equips women to walk in their calling as Christian communicators. Before being on the team, I have attended Declare for the last 3 years. Every year we do a link-up for those attending. I love these “getting to know you” post because it is a fun way to get to know other people online who do what you do! This year we had 7 questions to answer: 1. When did you feel called to be a digital evangelist, what’s your main medium and how long have you been doing it? In March 2014, I went through a class at our church called WILD(Women in Leadership Development). One of the classes was on writing and the woman teaching it said blogging is a great way to work on your skill of writing. I began my first blog (Life Outside the Shell) to simply work on my writing and I fell in love! God has opened many doors since in both the area of writing and speaking...

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Why We are Hiking the Grand Canyon {And How you can Help}

If you follow me on social media, you may have discovered that my husband and I are training to hike rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve had many people ask “what are you doing and why are doing it?” so I thought I would write a post about this grand adventure. Growing up I was never very athletic. I was the chubby kid in PE who just hung there like a blob as the coach yelled at me to climb the rope. No matter how hard I tried I simply could not get up that rope! Nor...

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4 Questions to Ask When Dreams Don’t Go as Planned

Do you remember what you dreamed about when you were a little kid? Most of us had big dreams. The sky was the limit. But somewhere along the way, we began to put ceilings on ourselves, our dreams and God. I believe this happens from having multiple attempts at making one of our dreams come true and failing miserably. Everyone will fail at some point in their life. The question is not if we fail, but instead, the question is how do we react when we fail. If we don’t properly process that failure we will never try again. We...

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The RENEWED Devotional

As I sit down to write this post my fingers seem to be tingling as they strike each letter on the keyboard. It is a surreal moment. One of those moments that leaves a mark on your heart for years to come. If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that I do many reviews and giveaways of Christian resources that I love. I love finding resources that our family uses and getting the opportunity to give them away to my readers. It truly is a blessing. Today, I get the opportunity to share my first ever Christian resource that I am making available to the online community. Before I tell you what it is, allow me to explain how the dream for it was birthed in my heart. For many years of my life, I have struggled with my weight and addiction to food and weight loss. (I shared more about that in this blog post: This is My Story) Because of my own struggles, when I was in college I pursued my degree in Exercise Physiology and spent the next 10 years getting many more fitness certifications and teaching classes all over the Dallas Metroplex. But, eventually, I became burned out on this fitness treadmill that kept me running but going nowhere. So, I decided to hang up my fitness shoes and the hands-free microphone. But God. He...

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