Author: Rachael Gilbert

Permission to be Confident

As I was tucking my daughter, Olivia, to bed tonight I was telling her I was so proud of how fast she can run.  She makes running look easy(something she most definitely didn’t get from me)! I told her one day she needs to run in races.  She immediately gasped and said “No people will be watching me!”  I then talked with her about the fact that God gave her a gift of running and if we choose to we can use our gifts for his glory.  I said “Liv, don’t think about yourself, but focus on God and it takes the pressure off of you”.   This story is just a glimpse into something everyone, including myself, struggles with and that is confidence.    What is confidence?  The dictionary defines it as “the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities”.  Some people think confidence is a good thing while others think it is a bad thing or view it as being prideful. The real question is what does God think about confidence?  I personally believe he made us to be confident people.  Not confident in ourselves like our dictionary term describes but confident in who we are in him.  Confidence in ourselves is pride and Proverbs 16:18 reminds us that “Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall”.  But when we are confident with who we...

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Real Life is Messy

We went to a workshop at Marriage Today in Southlake that was all about technology and how it influences your family.  We talked about Facebook, smart phones and video games.  There was a ton of great information but the speaker said one statement that really stood out “Real life is messy“.  He was talking about the difference between Facebook and real life.  On Facebook if we say something incorrect we can simply edit the post or delete it all together.  Not so in real life.  The moment you say something to a friend or family member it is out there.  No taking it back.  So if we aren’t careful we begin to idolize our Facebook friends over our real life friends(and family) because, let’s be honest, everyone on Facebook just looks perfect.   How about this picture for example.  On the left is an example of a picture you usually see of me on Facebook, every hair in place and makeup carefully applied.  But if I were honest with you, the picture on the right of me sitting in bed with not a lick of makeup and obviously no hairs in place is the reality of what I look like when said “glamorous” girl on the left is posting to Facebook.   How about this for another real life example.  Normally when we take pictures of our kids we are...

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Will You Make an Impact?

A few days ago my daughter, Ellie, and I were reading her devotional.  It talked about being thankful and I had her list things to be thankful for, one of which was our house.  I explained to Ellie that not all people have a home.  She asked where they live and when I told her some of their options, like under bridges and in cardboard boxes, she began to cry.  I was so moved by her heart that I told her we need to find a homeless shelter to serve. Fast forward a few days and I had already forgotten about that sweet moment I had with my daughter. I had already forgotten the power of compassion.  I was driving by myself, headed to do some work and was just “venting” to God.  Explaining to him that there are so many things I thought would be different by now.  Talking to him about dreams.  Wondering why he gave me some dreams that never came to pass.  Asking him if the things I do are even making a difference?  Is anyone even reading my blog?  Are we really helping our community?  Do my kind words and actions to friends and strangers really matter?  Let’s be honest, being seflish is a much simpler and easier road to travel!  But that is not God’s best for us.  So here are a few...

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The Day I lost my tooth

A few days ago Livvy, our  5 year old, had a new tooth growing in behind her wiggly tooth.  I scheduled an appointment with a dentist(thank you Dr. Thorpe at Thorpe Family Dentistry in Southlake for getting us in on such short notice!).  Dr. Thorpe examined Livvy and said we could give it a try at getting it out on our own.  So we decided to do that and were able to get it out that day!  However, Livvy was pretty scared at the thought of Daddy pulling her tooth so after he got it out she immediately said “Mom, can I blob(what she calls a blog:)) about the day I lost my tooth?!”  So here you have it, Livvy’s version of the day she lost her tooth.  🙂 One day I noticed I had a bump in my mouth.  I told my mommy about the bump.  She said I have to go to the dentist.  And I was scared!  But then my mommy told me he was nice and he wouldn’t hurt me.  So after church we went to the dentist.  I liked the dentist and the yummy chocolate toothpaste.  He said my daddy could try to get my tooth out at home.  When we got home and daddy told me he was going to pull my tooth I cried.  I was scared.  To calm down I told...

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Fit Friday: Bible Reading Plan & Core Tabatas

As you know I am very passionate about not only being physically fit but also spiritually fit.  So today I am going to share with you two ways I stay fit. 1. Reading the Word of GodSo I have to be real with you for a minute and share that I have not always enjoyed reading the Bible.  In fact, until the last year, it used to be something I somewhat dreaded.  Not because I didn’t believe what was I taught about there being power in the word but I was just so overwhelmed.  Let’s be honest, the Bible is long and can be hard to understand at times.  I remember having the desire to read it but just didn’t know how to when I felt so confused at how to do it.  It reminds me of an illustration I use when teaching group fitness classes.  For example, you can yell in my face all day long to do a back flip but if I don’t have the tools to learn how to do that back flip it isn’t going to happen.  The same can be true in our walk with God.  If we don’t have the proper tools to know how to walk out our christian life it just seems too overwhelming so we simply don’t do it. At the beginning of this year my church(Gateway church) put...

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Sin: The Silent Killer

This is another post that God put so strongly on my heart to share that I’m up at 1am to write about it.  You can read the first one I wrote at 1am a few weeks ago about social media here. Before I share the heart of what I feel God wants me to share I need to tell you a little more about our family.  Our family is what some would consider “crunchy” or very wellness, whole body minded.  My husband, Matt, is a chiropractor, I am a group fitness instructor, we both have our Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Matt has done more trainings and certifications on wellness than I can count.  We could both write for days on the benefits and importance of taking care of your body through the foods you eat(and shouldn’t eat), exercise, chiropractic care, vitamins, fish oil, probiotics and so much more.  We try our best to avoid dairy, gluten, wheat and soy and even buy organic produce through Bountiful Baskets each week.  To say we are passionate about wellness and taking care of the body God has given us would be an understatement.  There are fewer things that bring us more joy than helping others be healthy and whole so they can live a long and enjoyable life. However, as I am concerned that we(as a nation) are becoming way...

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Maui, Hawaii 2014

My husband and I were blessed to go to Maui, Hawaii in March of this year.  My mom agreed to keep our 3 kids so we could go alone so it was almost like a second honeymoon for us!  Thank you again mom and all my family who helped out so we could go!  I took over 500 pictures plus the ones that the photographer took on our snorkeling/whale watching trip so these are just a few phone snapshots of some of the fun we had.  If you ever get a chance to go to Maui you must go, it was amazing!! We stayed at the Grand Wailea and it was absolutely gorgeous with so many amazing amenities like an adult only pool, a kids area with slides, lazy river, rope swings and the world’s largest water elevator, yoga on the beach, a fitness center, a spa, restaurants, shopping and so much more.  The day we arrived it was raining but the sun still peaked through the clouds.  This is a pic from our room that night. Another view from our room…it truly was paradise. A few pictures of the Hibiscus pool(adults only) plus the gorgeous fountains and wedding chapel. The first night we went to a Luau and had a blast.  I was volunteered from our table to do the hula…luckily no pictures of that survived 🙂  We...

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