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Just breathe

This is my first time linking up with 5 Minute Friday.  We get a word prompt every Thursday night and we are given 5 minutes to write about it.  No editing, no planning, just writing.:)   This week’s word is exhale.  For me, the word exhale goes with breathe.  To breathe is to inhale and exhale.  As a group fitness instructor one of my most commonly used phrases is “just breathe!”.  Why?  Because when the going gets tough I look out and see my class holding their breath.  It’s as though they think that holding their breath will give them more energy.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  When we hold our breath it actually makes us weaker because we aren’t getting oxygen to our muscles and brain thus causing us to grow weak, light-headed and in extreme cases pass out. This is so parallel to our spiritual lives.  If we hold our breath, that is forgetting to inhale the word of God and exhale with praise and thanksgiving to Him, we grow weak.  We think we are saving time by not having that quiet time but in reality we are just weaking ourselves for what lies ahead.   So today my challenge to you is to be sure to inhale & exhale or…. My 5 minutes is up!:)  Make it a great...

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What’s your number?

The scale, measuring tape, checking account, business profit & loss, facebook friends, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, shoes, bench weight, mile time, age, anniversaries. What do all these things have in common?  Numbers.  I am a numbers girl and I can see numbers in everything.  However, I don’t believe you have to love numbers to see numbers in everything.  For example, how often do we step on the scale and see our “number” and claim that as our identity?  Or how about looking in our checking account and claiming that as our identity?  Maybe we compare ourselves to others our age and think “wow if I only my numbers matched theirs then I would be somebody”. The problem is that we are not defined by our “numbers” but we are a number because of our identity in Christ. God put this blog post on my heart last week and I hadn’t felt it was time to write about it until I was walking through my church this morning and saw this sign: The truth is that you are not just another number to God.  He doesn’t care about the number on the scale, how much money we have, how many Facebook friends we have or how long we have(or haven’t) been married. He cares about us and our story.  Your story matters to Him.  It matters so much to Him...

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The Day I let Her Try

As many of you have read here my daughter, Ellie, had a “life outside the shell” moment a few days ago when she conquered her fear of going down a big slide.  As I have seen her step out and overcome her fear of the slide and then go on to blog about it I have seen and learned some things from a moms perspective that I would like to share. I have to admit that when Ellie first turned down the idea of going down the slide my initial reaction was “don’t push her”.  I remember the feeling of being talked onto roller coasters as a kid and it was always quite a traumatic experience for me.  But what The Lord reminded me of with Ellie is that there is nothing wrong with equipping them with the power to try something that scares them then leave the ultimate decision up to them.  After he reminded me of that I simply quoted 2 Timothy 1:7(which my kids all know by heart now because I say it so much).  The next thing I did was I got up and I went and got in line for the slide before Ellie had even made up her mind to ride it.  As she stood there starring at me from a far I waved her over to take a look from up top of the...

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The Day I Tried

I took the kids to a water park today and we had a blast!  I was planning to blog with some fun pictures of them but The Lord put on my heart to let my 7 year old daughter, Ellie, give her perspective of our day. Ellie had an “outside of her shell” moment today that I feel will inspire and encourage you.   The day I tried by ellie Gilbert today I  went to a water park and I swam. here is a picture of Me and my brother and sister. We swam for a while then my dad said “do you want to go on the big slide?”. I said NO!  I said no because I am scared. then my mom said ” God has not given you a spirit of fear but a power of  love and  a sound  mind “. I was still a little scared but my mom said she will go too. so I whent with my mom  to see how fast it goes I saw that it was slow so I decided to try it. while i waited for my turn I said the verse my mom told me. I was scared but I did it  anyway. it was fun !  i rode it lots of times after that .  if you ever feel scared just ask god and he will help...

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5 ways to step away from the donuts!

No, donuts aren’t the enemy of our soul. But when you lack the ability to stop at just one donut there is something lurking that may need to be addressed and that is the lack of self-discipline. This post is the final post in the 3 part series on 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given me a spirit of fear or timidity, but power, love and self-discipline.”  You can read the first two on power and love if you missed them. Another way self-discipline is translated in this verse is “sound mind”. I love both these translations because you can’t have self-discipline without a sound mind.  Self-discipline is defined as soundness of mind, self-control and having mastery of ones mind. I have to admit that this post on self-discipline has been the toughest for me to write.  It has been an area that The Lord has done the most work in my life but it’s also the area that has the most skeletons in the closet that are a little scary to share. So bare with me as I share parts of my story with you. 🙂 As I mentioned in this post I accidentally dropped a lot of weight in high school. It was the first and only time I lost weight on accident.  After I saw my “before/after” I became addicted to staying thin. I would starve myself, take diet pills...

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The Beautiful Woman

As I was getting ready this morning I had this thought pop into my mind: what drives you to spend hours in the bathroom getting ready, hours shopping for new clothes, hours working out and so much money on all of it that you have no idea how much you have truly spent in your lifetime? I’ve found that when this deep of a question comes up with me it is usually God asking me to dig deeper into a topic that needs some light shed on it.  As you know this really is the age old question, why do we women have such a need to feel beautiful?   One of the first answers God gave me was to look at Adam and Eve. When Adam first saw Eve he was amazed and enthralled by her beauty.  He loved the way she looked and I am willing to bet Eve had no make-up on, no curling irons, no fresh manicure and definitely didn’t have the latest fashion statement piece of clothing.  Just as satan always does he tries to turn something that God created for good and put a twist on it. I can’t help but wonder if the enemy of our soul comes to us on a daily basis and says “if you would only lose 10 pounds, then you will beautiful.” Or “If you get this...

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Social Media: A Powerful Tool

God put this post so strongly on my heart that I’m up at 1am to write about it. Social Media….we all love it and are part of it in some way, shape or form. I have been a part of Facebook for almost 10 years now…back in the day when you had to be in college to have an account. I have twitter, instragram and have recently started this blog.  If there was a group for social media addicts I would be there introducing myself and facilitating discussion.  I LOVE social media because it connects us to people we wouldn’t have otherwise met, we can follow leaders we want to hear more from, stay in touch with old friends and family and share our lives with new friends. The problem God has been revealing to me is not the connecting with people but more so the worship of this social media “god” and the lack of face to face time with those planted directly around us. I have to confess that tonight was one of those nights that I spent more time plugged into Facebook & Twitter and not much time at all plugged into my own family.  As I was laying in bed praying and asking God to forgive me for that he spoke very clearly “Don’t get so caught up with who is following you that you...

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