Author: Rachael Gilbert

DIY $1 Caricature

As I was cleaning out the office today I found some cheap frames I had bought from the Dollar Tree that are too small to fit the pictures I needed framed. Since I didn’t have the receipt I couldn’t exchange them so...

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Don’t ditch the shell!

After all my talk of “live life outside of your shell” you must be wondering where a post called “don’t ditch the shell!” came from.  The turtle you see pictured above has been hanging on my...

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16 things you may not know about me

I am attending my first ever blogger conference, The Declare Conference, next week!  As a fun way to get to know the other bloggers before we attend we are doing a 4×4 link-up of some questions about ourself....

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He Had Me at Taebo

We all know the famous line form Jerry McGuire when she says “you had me at hello”.  Well my dear husband had me at Taebo.  If you missed out on the hot trend of the late 90s/early 2000s of Taebo you...

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Own Your Zone

What some people don’t about me is that I used to be a baller.  And by baller I mean I was on a basketball team in middle school.  And by being on a team I mean that my coach was nice enough to let me wear a...

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Permission to be Confident

As I was tucking my daughter, Olivia, to bed tonight I was telling her I was so proud of how fast she can run.  She makes running look easy(something she most definitely didn’t get from me)! I told her one day she...

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