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Why We are Hiking the Grand Canyon {And How you can Help}

If you follow me on social media, you may have discovered that my husband and I are training to hike rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve had many people ask “what are you doing and why are doing it?” so I thought I would write a post about this grand adventure. Growing up I was never very athletic. I was the chubby kid in PE who just hung there like a blob as the coach yelled at me to climb the rope. No matter how hard I tried I simply could not get up that rope! Nor...

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4 Questions to Ask When Dreams Don’t Go as Planned

Do you remember what you dreamed about when you were a little kid? Most of us had big dreams. The sky was the limit. But somewhere along the way, we began to put ceilings on ourselves, our dreams and God. I believe this happens from having multiple attempts at making one of our dreams come true and failing miserably. Everyone will fail at some point in their life. The question is not if we fail, but instead, the question is how do we react when we fail. If we don’t properly process that failure we will never try again. We...

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The RENEWED Devotional

As I sit down to write this post my fingers seem to be tingling as they strike each letter on the keyboard. It is a surreal moment. One of those moments that leaves a mark on your heart for years to come. If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that I do many reviews and giveaways of Christian resources that I love. I love finding resources that our family uses and getting the opportunity to give them away to my readers. It truly is a blessing. Today, I get the opportunity to share my first ever Christian resource that I am making available to the online community. Before I tell you what it is, allow me to explain how the dream for it was birthed in my heart. For many years of my life, I have struggled with my weight and addiction to food and weight loss. (I shared more about that in this blog post: This is My Story) Because of my own struggles, when I was in college I pursued my degree in Exercise Physiology and spent the next 10 years getting many more fitness certifications and teaching classes all over the Dallas Metroplex. But, eventually, I became burned out on this fitness treadmill that kept me running but going nowhere. So, I decided to hang up my fitness shoes and the hands-free microphone. But God. He...

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How to Find Peace While Pursuing your Dreams {GIVEAWAY}

Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better. ~Walt Disney We recently took a trip to Walt Disney World and we were blown away by the level of excellence put into every element of the parks. From the rides to the cast members (their name for employees) everything was done with great planning from beginning to end. My husband and I were inspired to bring this mindset back to our life and business. Everyone who exists on this earth has a dream (or several) in their heart. I know this to...

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3 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids God’s Word {GIVEAWAY}

If you have followed me for long, you know that I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy Blogger. Every month I get to choose from a few resources that I get to review and giveaway on my blog. I love doing this because I have 3 kids of my own who I am always looking for new ways to teach about who God is and how much he loves them. I quickly realized that all 3 of my kids learn differently so anytime we get a new resource I explore it 3 different ways. Our most recent devotional we received from Tommy Nelson is called “I Am: 100 Devotions About the Names of God”. This devotional covers 40 of the most common names of God. We are all learning more about God and his character. For children and adults alike, to know who God is in his fullness, helps our faith to grow. It’s much like a friend or spouse, the more we hang out with them and get to know their character, the more we trust them. Because each of my kids learns differently I make sure we get all three ways of learning tied into our devotional time. Here are 3 simple ways to teach your kids about God: READ IT Both of my girls love to read. So much, in fact, that we have to force them...

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Our Summer Adventures {Plus a HUGE giveaway!}

Hi, friends! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been very quiet on this blog this summer. Our family has been very busy this summer so I thought it would be fun to write a post sharing a few of our adventures. In June, my dad had a neck surgery so I traveled to Oklahoma to stay with him for a few days in the hospital. When I told him I was coming, he said “Okay but only if you wear your awesome mohawk!”. This is us in the hospital before he went back for surgery: His surgery went great and he is recovering well. Shortly after his surgery, we took our kids to Florida where we stayed on the beach in Fort Walton before we headed to Orlando for Disney World. This was our first trip to Disney World and we had a blast. I plan on doing a separate blog post with some inside tips on making the most of your Disney trip. We went to all four Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot & Hollywood Studios). More to come on all we did later! On our way home from our vacation, we got the call that Papaw (my husband’s grandfather) had been put on hospice. We were thankful that we got to stop and see him before he passed away the next week. My grandparents passed away when...

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My Life Message {A Letter to Jesus}

Recently I had lunch with a friend of mine who used to be a blogger but is now a podcaster. We were discussing how most Christian bloggers/podcasters/speakers have a life message. When you think of that person you think of the thing they are most passionate about. My friend and I discussed how we both feel a little all over the place with our life message. I left that lunch last week and have been thinking about it ever since. I’ve had seasons where I am more passionate about one thing or another. For example, I am passionate about...

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