Every Christmas I claim that I am going to worry less about gifts and focus more on giving to others who are truly in need. Yet every season I struggle with keeping Jesus as the focus for the season. Today as I was praying about who I can bless this holiday season I felt God ask me the question “What’s in your hands?”.

This question shifted my perspective because it can be so easy to make excuses about why we can’t give or help others. We feel if we aren’t able to give away thousands of dollars or hours on end serving then what we bring to the table doesn’t matter. While we may often feel this way, Jesus was clear that it isn’t the amount in which we give but instead our heart when we give. When Jesus saw the poor widow give what little she had he responded:

Jesus called His disciples to Him and said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more than all the others into the treasury. (Mark 12:42)

You may also recall the story of the young boy with the few pieces of bread & fish. He brought what little was in his hand and God multiplied it.

So I’m asking you the same question that God asked me today: What’s in your hands? What talent do you possess? Can you bake? Do you sew? Perhaps you can volunteer time to clean a widow or single moms home?

The thing I have in my hand in this season is the ability to teach fitness and help people take care of their temple God’s way. No, this is not a lose weight quick plan but instead understanding the value of being whole mind, soul, body and spirit.

Because this is what is in my hand, God has asked me to bless single moms this holiday season. To all you single moms out there, I see you and God does too. You are not alone or forgotten. While you are pouring all your time, energy and resources into your kids this Christmas I want to give you the resources to take care of YOU this month.

Please head over to Train with Me and select “one time purchase” then use code “singlemom” to train for FREE the month of December(absolutely no strings attached). You will get instant access to December Fit Club content which includes at home workout videos, workout printables and a workout calendar. You can also access and download all the previous months workouts. (Please note this offer expires December 31st and it is by the honor system so please only single moms take advantage of this so I can do more things like this as God leads in the future).

Share this with a single momma who could use a little something for her this month. Then ask God what’s in your hands that you can bless someone with today.

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