I’ve been blogging for an entire year now so I’m not exactly a veteran blogger but I have observed some things about the blogging world in the last year.  I’ve especially noticed common themes I hear among people who don’t blog.  It became interesting to me so I started writing some of them down then I took it a step further and did a Facebook poll asking why people don’t blog(because Facebook is so official).  Though I’m sure there are more reasons then I will list today these were the ones that stood out most to me.

1. They don’t think people will read it.
2. TIME…this one was a huge reason.
3. Can’t figure out how to do it.
4. Can’t stand the thought of more social media to promote it.
5. If no one comments or reads it they know they will quit doing it.
6. Not a good writer….another big one.
7. Can’t commit to posting regularly.
8. Scared of what people will think.
9. Feel like what they would blog about has already been done.
10. No clear vision of what they would want it to look like.

I can honestly relate to every one of these reasons because up until a year ago I felt the same way.  I loathed writing.  I never did well in English or any time I had to write essays so I just put myself in the box of “writing is not my gift so don’t do it”.  If you’ve read my blog for long you probably have picked up on the fact that my grammar is not the best.  I also felt like I just simply didn’t have the time.  But when I attended a class called WILD(Women in Leadership Development) at my church it completely changed my views on writing and blogging.  
Here are the 4 reasons I think everyone should seriously consider blogging:
1. You have a story.
Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that YOU are the only one who can tell your story, ideas, encouragement, talents, etc?  This is where it’s temping to get into the comparison game and say “but that is already being done”.  While it may be true there a lot of people writing about a certain subject or towards a particular audience, only YOU can write your view point and personal stories/testimonies.  
On top of having a unique story that may help others, consider the fact that your family will have something to read that YOU have written after you have passed away.  What an awesome legacy for years to come.  I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to read blog posts or journal entries from my great grandparents(who I never got to meet)!  And, yes, blogging is very different than Facebook because while you can share very short stories and pictures there, it will not all be saved in a format that could be read later on.  
Think about the Bible, it is full of stories that now teach, train and inspire others.  Do you think the people who wrote each chapter of the Bible knew the impact it would leave on generations to come?  
2. To improve your writing skills.

The idea of “not being a writer” is the biggest lie that holds most people back from sharing their story and talents.  I understand some people are born with a natural gift of writing and it just comes easy for them but I do believe writing is a skill that can be improved upon.  When I took my class on writing the author asked us this question “Do you ever want to be in leadership of any kind?”.  Of course we all said yes to which she responded “then start writing because one day you will be asked to write something, maybe just a journal article, but you will need to write”.  
You may not have dreams of writing a book but if you want to be in leadership at your job or church writing is a skill that must be developed.  The only way to improve upon it is to do it over and over again.
3. To release & reveal the God given dreams and talents lying within you.

I’ve never been good at keeping up with a journal but when I did write I always had really profound moments.  Writing is a way to “release” the things God has put within your heart and to discover things you may not have even know about yourself.  
And if you don’t know this….you can create a very basic blog for free, with no bells and whistles, write your little heart out and never even publish them but instead save them!  Do you have an area of your life that you need healing from?  I would highly recommend blogging about it and if you don’t want to share them simply don’t publish them!  But now you’ve used that outlet to bring healing into your own life and as your story unfolds, who knows, maybe one day you will look back on those posts and see the healing that has taken place and want to reveal all of it to the world and helps others who may be walking through something similar.  
4. Doors of opportunity.
I have to admit that it is hard when I write a blog post and all I can hear are crickets are the other end.  In other words, no one comments and to my knowledge no one read it or cared at all about what I was sharing.  God has used those “cricket” moments to teach me many things.  The first thing is my “why” in starting this blog.  My why has never been to be the next top blogger who makes millions(not that there is anything wrong with that and maybe one day God will take me that direction) but instead it’s been to encourage and inspire others as well as work on my writing.  As I have submitted by insecurities to Him and found my source of worth in Him(and not comments) He has opened doors for me that only He could open.  He has connected me to life long friendships(shout out to my friend Kathy from New Zealand over at A Fish Out of Water) as well as opened doors of being a guest blogger on other sites.  
I truly believe if we lay down our pride and dreams of making ourselves known but instead strive to make Christ known, then God will open doors only He could have opened in our lives.  But you will never know about those doors until you take the first step of faith.
But what about time?

In answer to the time issue of blogging, I have found that if you keep your “why” at the center than the time is no longer an issue.  I break all rules of blogging when it comes to growing your readers.  You “should” post regularly but I make it a goal to post once a week which often turns into once every 2 weeks(if I’m lucky). And yes I do have a Facebook page for my blog but, again, I am lucky to post one thing a day.  I have decided that it is better to write something then to wait for the perfect moment in my life when I can commit to posting all the time because as all know those moments do not come to us, we have to actively seek them.  
Have you been thinking about blogging?  I pray this post inspires someone out there to start writing.  Lay those feelings of pride, jealousy, comparison and fear to the side and have faith that if God birthed it in your heart He will see it through to completion. Even if you don’t share it with anyone, just start.  I promise it will be a decision you won’t regret.  

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