I am attending my first ever blogger conference, The Declare Conference, next week!  As a fun way to get to know the other bloggers before we attend we are doing a 4×4 link-up of some questions about ourself.  Hope you learn something new about me! 🙂

4 Things about me:

1. I grew up in Oklahoma where my parent’s started Picture in Scripture Amphitheater the year after I was born!  I had the honor of returning home last week and snapped these fun shots of me with some of the animals.
Me overcoming my fears and riding Samuel the Camel 🙂
Me with one of the tortoises name Spike.
A picture I took while watcing this years play “The Man Who Ran” (the story of Jonah…and yes there is mechanical whale that swallows my dad who plays Jonah!)
2. I have 3 beautiful children here on earth and one more in heaven.  My son, Zeke, was born on my birthday which was part of the healing God brought me after my miscarriage. 
3. I turned 30 this year!  My sweet friends and family threw me an amazing, surprise birthday party.  My sister over at Life {Sweet} Life made this 30 photo collage for me that I will keep forever:
4. I LOVE to workout! Not to be skinny but because of the challenge. I have been teaching group fitness classes for years and always take advantage of putting people through workouts, like I did with my sister Sarah last week when I visited:)
4 of my Endearing Quirks:

1. I am a rule follower.
You will notice that I followed the 4 things that were listed in exact order and I will get 4 things on each…even if I have to reallllyyyy reach to make one fit.:)
2. I love even numbers.  I am so crazy about this that if the radio or tv volume is on an odd number I change it.  I have even been known to make my husband switch me seats in church so I can sit in the even seat….oops that might have been TMI, I have now entered crazy land. 🙂
3. I am a cross between introvert and extrovert.
I love to be a social butterfly and go places I have never been and meet new people.  However, I NEED my quiet time.  Even my kids and husband know to let me have my space when I get a little moody. 🙂
4. God speaks to me in pictures. Because of this I see and do life in pictures.  If you can’t tell from this post with all the picture overload.  I would try to apologize for it but than I would just be apologizing for being me!  I will be the girl who has her phone out, ready to take a picture of any and everything at the conference…get ready for those selfies girls 😉
4 Things about my blog & writing:

1. I started this blog because I heard God clearly say “Don’t worry about what to write or how to write…just write!” So here I am a few months later still trying to figure out how to add buttons, linkup and connect to other bloggers.  There are days I wonder what I have gotten myself into then I just remember what He spoke to me and all is well with my soul. You can read more about my start here.
2. I have a heart to see women be confident and courageous and live life outside of their shell.  I used to be soooooo shy!  Anyone who knows me from when I was younger to who am now just shakes their head in disbelief at how far out of my shell God has brought me.  It brings me such joy to give HIM all the glory for who I am today.  I want to pass my freedom on to others!
3. I also have a heart for health & wellness and love to share my tips/tricks with people in taking care of yourself God’s way.  I gained a lot of weight during all my pregnancies and the best styles of workouts I did and taught were 3/2 Intervals.  Meaning you do 3 minutes of strength followed by 2 minutes of cardio.  The science behind this is that you use all your immediate energy stores for the strength portion so when you do the cardio you must utilize fat for energy.  Plus getting your heart rate up and back down(active recovery with strength) is a great fat burner too.  Here are a few of my favorite short workouts I have written for mommies with little time but want good results using only your body weight:
4. I used to think food was my enemy.  However, when my husband went to chiropractic school we began to implement new ways of living into our lifestyle and I found that food was my best friend. It can be used to bring healing and health to our bodies. Our family strives to eat organic, minimally processed, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.  Because of this I really enjoy playing with recipes. Here is one of our all time favorite healthy side dishes:
4 of my Favorite Things:

1. The Beach!!  We went to Maui in March and are headed to Florida in a few weeks.  I would live at the beach if I could.
2. My Church. We have attended Gateway Church in Southlake, Tx for 7 years now and it has been life changing for my family.
3. My family.  I know this sounds like one you have to add under favorite things but it’s true…there is no place I would rather be than hanging out with my family.
4. Deep talks. I got my Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and would one day love to get my Masters in counseling.  I just have an innate desire to get to know everyone on a deeper level.  Because of this people in my life often come to me for advice.:)  
Alright, that is WAY too much about me!  Would love to hear about you…leave me a comment!:)

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