Hello friends and Happy August!

I am so glad you are joining us this month for the First Fruit Fit Club! Each month I pray over all the elements of the workouts, power verses and eating challenges and I think God has some great things in store this month!

I wrote the August workouts in such a way that you can do them with me on the video OR you can print them out and take them to a gym and do on your own. I also didn’t choreograph them to music this month simply because I am still working out the technical side of things(youtube says no on using copyrighted music on there) so you can just play whatever music you like in the background. I highly recommend Christian Workout HITS from the past few years. They take popular christian songs and speed them up to a workout pace.

Here is your August workout calendar. Please print it and hang it somewhere to remind you on a daily basis what you need to do that day!

First Fruit Fit August2016

Here is the printable of the workouts with details on how to do them if you choose to do them on your own rather than with me. I do recommend doing them with me once so you know what the moves are and how to execute them.


And finally, here are the links to the workouts with me:


LADDER CHALLENGE: 38:34 minutes

AMRAP: 27:09 minutes

CARDIO TABATA: 22:24 minutes

You will notice your calendar has two days of steady state cardio(run, walk, bike, etc). Please watch this video on why you shouldn’t skip it!

If you want to substitute any of last month’s workouts in place of any of these you can find those here: July Fit Club


Last month I shared my tips on eating healthy as a lifestyle. This month I feel God asking us to do a fast followed by a challenge group where each week we tackle a different aspect of what to eat. I believe in small, incremental changes in order for them to last a life time. Only members who either attend my live classes or do at home Fit Club with me will have access to this Facebook group. It will start mid-August so stay tuned for another email coming your way with more information about that group.


I would LOVE to hear from you! The good, bad and ugly, please send me an email with your progress and what you are liking about the workouts and what you would like to see more of in the future.

If you haven’t already please join our First Fruit Fit Club Facebook page to stay up to date and meet other people in the Fit Club!

I’m praying for each one of you!



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