Learn to Listen

This week on talk therapy we are digging into the art of listening. While it is true that some people are more natural listeners than others, it is is still an art that we all must work on in order to have thriving relationships and meaningful conversations. Today...


The Five Stages of White Racial Identity

I am in a class this summer called “Counseling Diverse Populations” and this past week in my textbook one of the chapters was called, “White racial identity development:  therapeutic implications”.  Before I started this course, I didn’t think I had a problem with...

cultural diversity

Talk Therapy: How to Avoid Burnout

Today on Talk Therapy we are discussing common signs of burnout and how to avoid it. Here are some common signs of burnout: Exhaustion and fatigue Insomnia A negative attitude about work, etc. Increased use of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, or drugs Negative...


Talk Therapy: What’s in Your Bucket?

This week on Talk Therapy with Rachael, I'm bringing to you a simple therapeutic exercise you can use when you feel overwhelmed. I was given this exercise from my own therapist (yes, even therapist have their own therapist!) and it helped me to release the...


what to do when you don’t want to talk to god

It was past midnight as I starred at the ceiling in our bedroom. Just hours before I was exhausted but when the time finally came for bed I couldn't sleep. My mind raced from conversations I had earlier that day, disappointing news I received and horrifying updates...

Is it OK to feel angry at God?

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