If you’ve read my blog for long you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review a new book from Tommy Nelson called “Brave Girls, Beautiful You”!  It’s a 90 day devotional for brave girls!

I believe that many of us moms resist doing things God has called us to do because of fear. Fear of failure, rejection and pain.  We like to live life inside our shell and not come out for fear of getting ran over. But the truth is that if we never try to move in any direction we will die in our shell and miss all that God had planned for our life.  Unfortunately, this fearful mentality can be passed down through the generations if we aren’t careful.  I love to include my girls on things I do that are scary, or uncomfortable, to me.  I tell them when I’m nervous about an upcoming speaking event, blog post I’m writing, or some other thing God has asked me to do that might seem a bit out of the norm.  I let them into my process of taking those nerves and channeling them to help me rather than hurt me.  I tell them my secret that every time I get scared or nervous I pray and turn my attention and focus back to God.  It is Him who has called me and it is only Him who can sustain me.  When we face life with a brave perspective we really are quite unstoppable.

The word brave is defined as an adjective as “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. It is defined as a noun as “people who are ready to face and endure danger or pain“.

I don’t know about you but when I die I want to be remembered as a brave woman. A woman who was always ready to face her fears and endure pain.  Sometimes the most painful moments can be from words spoken over us when we are brave but if we stay plugged in to God those words will not penetrate the depths of our soul.

I LOVE that this new “Brave Girls” devotional is calling our daughters out to live a brave life!  Each devotional is no longer than a page or two and includes a scripture, a short devotional, prayer and questions for the girls to ponder. It has opened up some amazing conversations between me and my daughter. She even mentioned that she loves how the cover has 3 different types of girls on it(called Gracie, Hope and Glory-one fashion girl, one tom boy and one arts/crafts girl). Ellie said it reminded her that no matter what you love to do that brave looks different on every girl.  WOW!

Would you like to WIN a FREE copy of this Brave Girls Devotional from Tommy Nelson for a girl in your life AND a Brave cuff bracelet from Swanky Chic Boutique for you?! There are several ways to enter in the rafflicopter below!  The contest will end June 18th and one winner will be chosen at random!


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