Today’s guest, Brian Dixon is the author of Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything. He has a doctoral degree in education from the University of San Diego. He has consulted with universities, publishers, nonprofits, and hundreds of coaching students to help them clarify their message and serve their ideal audience. As a podcaster, conference speaker and consultant, Brian is passionate about helping high performers thrive in a world of overwhelming options.

Brian is the second man I’ve had on Real Talk with Rachael (the first being my husband) and I invited him on because I have been very impressed with not only his online presence but how he truly does lead with people first. He is genuine and authentic, and we did some real talk about all kind of fun topics today, like:

  • What made him change how he was doing things in life and business years ago (his answer was so vulnerable!).
  • The power of the 360 assessment (and what it is)
  • 3 tips for working from home without sacrificing your family or business
  • How to figure out what is obvious to you that can help other people
  • His wife’s role in his online business
  • Why more men aren’t in the online space (this conversation was rich!)
  • And so much more wisdom and insight you don’t want to miss!

Special thank you to today’s show sponsor, Hope Writers, a community for writers that I am a part of each month. I love their teachings, encouragement and community. Brian is a co-founder of Hope Writers and he shared about a quiz you can take to figure out where you are on your writing journey. Go to to take the quiz!

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