Life is busy. We are all consumed by jobs, kids, relationships and ministry, to name a few. Yet everywhere I turn someone is in need of help. Whether they are in need financially, physically or emotionally, we all bump into at least one person a day who could use our help. I see an ever growing trend, however, that few of us are actually stopping to help people. If we aren’t careful, we can get so caught up in the hustle of life that we neglect moments orchestrated by God to be his hands and feet to a hurting world.

Another lie we tend to believe is, “If I can’t help everybody then why help anybody?“.

God has been challenging me on this line of thinking that leads to a dead end road. God isn’t asking us to wait until we are millionaires or have all the time in the world to help someone. Instead, he is simply asking us to help those directly in front of us with whatever resources we have been given.

I was recently given the book “Same Kind of Different As Me”(for kids). It is based on a true story about Denver Moore, a homeless man who was rescued after a serious of events by a woman who saw him in a dream. Before Denver passed away he helped write this book and he wanted to make sure everyone knew the value of helping someone in need. In fact, Denver’s motto was quite a bit different than what tend to think about helping others. Denver said:

Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody.

As my kids & I read this book we began to think of ways that we could help somebody. I asked my kids to compile a list of ways they could help somebody. Here was their response:

It was so fun watching my kids brainstorm ways they can help others. It reminded me that no matter our age or season in life we can all help somebody.

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