That’s the number of deadlines I have lurking in my “to do” list that is either articles people are waiting on me to submit or teachings I need to write for speaking engagements. Everything in me is screaming “knock one of those off the list tonight!“. However, the holy spirit is whispering “please take the time to do something not on your to-do list tonight“. I’ve learned that listening to that still small voice is always where I need to be in life. Sorry to-do lists and deadlines, you are on hold for tonight. The world will not come to the end if I don’t get you done. But someone needs to hear what God has burdened me with tonight and I will not argue with him any longer.

Over Spring break, I visited my parents in my old home where I grew up in Oklahoma. While I was there I decided to clean out my old closet. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I found old pictures, letters, my salutatorian speech and other fun trinkets. But one other thing I found has left me thinking deep for the last few days. I found this old box of diet pills:

When I stumbled upon these pills I laughed and then for a moment thought “hmm I wonder if they are expired?“. Ugh, get behind me satan. Then as I reminisced over my life from age 15 to now I became saddened by how much money and time I have spent on diet pills and gimmicks that promised me the world yet left me disappointed and still empty.

(I’m not going to retell all of my yo-yo dieting story and how I broke free in this post but you can read about it HERE.)

Not only am I sad about the amount of time and money spent on pursuing the non-existent perfect body over the years, but I am also sad about how mean I have been to this body God so graciously gave me.

The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as ourself, but what if we don’t love ourself? How are we to then love our neighbor? It’s not possible. I am convinced our world would be a better place if we were all able to freely receive God’s love for us.

As I reflected on this, I felt the Lord tell me to ask my body to forgive me. Sounds crazy, I know. If you are feeling stuck on what that sounds like, here is a glimpse at what my talk with my body sounded like:

Hey body, I am so sorry. I am sorry I have talked badly about you over the years. I’m sorry that I have abused you, starved you, then made you pay the price for food I chose to eat by excessive exercise sessions. I am sorry I cursed you. I’m sorry I didn’t accept you exactly the way that God created you. I’m sorry that I have taken you for granted. I realize that you, body, are not my own but were bought with the blood of Jesus Christ. Please forgive me body. I want to work with you not against you. I want to you to simply be a vessel to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the world. Let’s start over. I love you.

Do you need to have a talk with your body and ask forgiveness? Are you done waging war against your body and ready to work together to bring heaven to earth? Take some time with Jesus today and ask him to show you areas that you need to reconcile with your body. He still heals today and is ready to set you free from whatever bondage you have been in. He will restore all the years the locust has stolen from you and your body. You can trust Him with it all, especially your body.

The article you just read was written by myself a few years ago. I stumbled upon it a few nights ago and it blessed me as I read it and was reminded to put my to-do list aside.

But the other thing it reminded me of was how important it is to fight for my own daughters so they don’t believe the same silly lies I grew up believing that later took root in my adult heart.

I couldn’t sign-up fast enough when I heard that True Girl, formerly Secret Keeper Girl, is hosting a webinar for mother’s and daughters using Dannah Gresh’s new book, “Lies Girls Believe: and the truth that sets them free“.

Both of my girls, ages 10 & 12, will be joining me in this weekly study as we dive into the common lies girls believe. I am certain things will be brought into the light and revealed and healed in both me and my girls.

Want to join us?

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