You might have noticed that I get asked to review many things on this blog. I only take items that I love and think my readers would love too. The book I’m sharing with you today is one of those items!


If you are anything like me, you grew up eating Little Debbie’s and Dr.Pepper. Several decades ago we simply did not know what we do now about food and the long lasting effects it has on our body. When I went to school to study exercise physiology and then my husband went on to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic, we had our eyes opened to just how important proper nutrition is for our body to function the way God intended it to. We became “food nerds” studying different ingredients and finding out the effects it has not only on the appearance of our body but also our immune system. Many sicknesses and diseases that people deal with on a daily basis can be eliminated by eating healthy, whole, unprocessed foods.

Think of it this way: our body is like a car. If you put nothing but water in your car it will eventually break down and stop running. The same is true with our body except if you put things other than water(like sodas, especially diet sodas) and processed foods, it will only run so long then will break down.

This all sounds like nice information but what next? There are so many books and articles on what to eat that it can be a bit overwhelming. This is why I love the book “Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World”. The authors do a beautiful job of laying out the book in such a way that you get to learn about how to grow it, preserve it and prepare it. I have tried many of the recipes and my family has loved them all!

I made this Pumpkin meatloaf and it was a HUGE hit with the kids! You can get the full recipe for it on Farm Girl Fresh.


Another big hit was this Gluten-Free Apple Crisp(sorry, my iphone picture doesn’t do it justice). So yummy!


My favorite part of this book are the scriptures that are throughout pointing us back to the creator of all these delicious and unprocessed foods.

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