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On this week’s episode of Real Talk with Rachael I interviewed my friend and fellow Declare Conference team member, Kristin Lemus.

Several weeks ago after I spoke at an event, one of my listeners happened to be in the audience, and after she asked me this question, “How do you pursue your dreams as a busy mom of littles?”.

I knew this was a great question that many women have wrestled with so I prayed about who could tackle it with love and grace. God immediately put Kristin on my heart because I have watched her do this very thing so well.

Here are a few things we chatted about:

  • Kristin’s heart for Brave Moms
  • How to pursue your dreams when you have little kids at home
  • How to be a spirit lead decision maker
  • Kristin’s heart for the Declare Conference
  • And so much more!

At the end of the episode, I mentioned that we have a few $200 off discount codes for you to use towards the purchase of a Declare Conference ticket. You can go HERE to grab that ticket and use code VIPRachael.

Please note, when I say I have a few, I mean it so when they are gone they are GONE. Use it quickly if you are thinking of attending!

You can listen to the episode here on this blog post OR wherever you listen to your podcasts (iTunes, Sticher, Google play, etc).

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