Hey friends,

This week’s show on Real Talk with Rachael is another special edition episode. It’s longer than most of the episodes but I promise it is worth every single minute.

November is suicide awareness month and my brave, strong friend, Lynn Paljarvi, came on the show to discuss suicide from a survivors perspective.

Here are just a few things we chatted about:

  • How Lynn and I met just months after she lost her husband to suicide
  • The ministry God brought into her life that carried her through this tough season
  • The different emotional stages she went through after losing her husband
  • The spiritual warfare during this dark season and how she continues to fight it
  • What she would say to someone who is a recent suicide survivor
  • What she would say to someone considering suicide (this answer she gave was POWERFUL)
  • What the healing journey has looked like for her
  • Practical ways we can support suicide survivors
  • The verse she stood on to carry her through
  • Why it’s important to look a suicide survivor in the eyes (hint: shame comes for them hard)
  • How she is still struggling today and what her friends do to lift her up

Have I said yet this is an episode you don’t want to miss?!

I personally lost a friend to suicide just a few weeks ago so I am passionate about bringing this topic into the light. Please share this episode with everyone you know!

Keeping things real,

Rachael Joy

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