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In honor of Christmas and the holidays, I’ve asked my professor, Dr. Cassie Reid, back on the show to talk about holiday sanity when it comes to our relationships. You may remember Dr. Reid from episode 6 when we chatted about anxiety and mother wounds. She is a wealth of knowledge and both times I interviewed her I had my own therapy session!

Dr. Reid recently wrote a book called “Unwrapped: Open the Gift of Holiday Sanity”. I highly recommend this book for every single person. You can buy it on Amazon here: Unwrapped: Open the Gift of Holiday Sanity

Here are a few things Dr. Reid & I chatted about:

  • Disappointment and how to lean into those emotions rather than press past them
  • Assumptions and how we can overcome the tendency to make them
  • Boundaries: why they are important and how to properly set them
  • What to do when our urge to control becomes uncontrollable.
  • Expectations: how & why to communicate them
  • How we can support marriage within families during the holidays
  • Grief: how to process yet still enjoy the holidays
  • How to deal with favoritism
  • The root cause of many of these issues
  • Why Dr. Reid doesn’t like the word “why”.
  • Plus a few listener questions!  Thank you for those…please follow me on Instagram if you want to submit those for the show.

I mentioned this is in the show, but don’t forget this will be the only episode in December since I am taking some time off with family AND working on new resources for you all.  HINT: it’s the first online course I will offer and I am beyond excited to share it with you!

Keeping things real,

Rachael Joy

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