Have you ever wanted to peek behind the scenes at a husband and wife who pursue different dreams but somehow they do it as a team? That’s exactly what we discuss with my husband this week on Real Talk with Rachael.

Here are a few of the things we talk about:

  • How owning a business has shaped us and our marriage
  • What my husband saw in the shy, timid Rachael when we first met in college and why he has encouraged me to go for my dreams
  • Insecurities I’ve had to overcome and how Matt has helped me push pass them and walk in confidence.
  • My body image struggles and the one thing Matt said to me years ago that shifted how I view myself.
  • What most men wish their wives knew about their body.
  • Matt’s biggest struggle and how I helped him overcome it.
  • A word of encouragement on pursuing your dreams as a team
  • Matt’s salvation story (hint: he got saved at Vacation Bible School at the age of 19!)
  • A word from Matt to the women who may not have saved or supportive husbands.

Even if you aren’t married this episode is full of wisdom that you can use in your life as your overcome obstacles that arise as you step out in obedience to pursue your dreams.

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We are praying blessings over your marriage!


Matt & Rachael

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