You might recognize this week’s guest, Melissa Hinnant, from Shark Tank when she landed a deal with Barbara for her business, Grace & Lace.

Melissa’s story is one of redemption as she allowed God to turn her tragedy into a triumph that is blessing not only her family but 70 plus employees as well as thousands of customers daily!

Here are a few things we chatted about:

  • How Grace & Lace was birthed out of the tragic loss of her first daughter
  • How she encourages others to not waste their pain.
  • The mission of Grace & Lace
  • Why she calls Grace & Lace her “accidental company”
  • Her experience on Shark Tank
  • What it’s like working with Barbara
  • How she “balances” being a wife, mom and business owner
  • Her greatest fear as a business owner and how she overcomes it.

Melissa was so kind to offer Real Talk with Rachael listeners a special code to shop at

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It’s a one-time use and expires 4/10. (some exclusions may apply)

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