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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m chatting with my friend Lisa Corley about how we can better understand the gift of prophecy. Lisa Corley is a wife and mother of three boys. She has been an active member of Gateway Church for 18 years. She has lead small groups and is involved in the prophetic ministry. Lisa has taught on parenting, understanding prophetic ministry, and living a Spirit-filled life in women’s groups. She loves the prophetic aspect of the Christian walk. Her gentle loving perspective comes with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that enables her prophetic words to be edifying, confirming, and comforting to those who receive them.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Prophecy is a word that brings exhortation, comfort, and edification.
  • In everyday life, if something comes to your mind that fits into the prophecy categories, speak it. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll grow in your gift.
  • We often stop ourselves from speaking prophecy because we’re too distracted, too embarrassed, or don’t feel we have the right words. Keep it simple. People are looking for compassion.
  • Prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit to help others feel the Holy Spirit in their own lives.
  • You don’t have to have a platform or title to speak words of edification. You can use that gift for the people in your own home.
  •  You don’t have to be anointed to prophesy, but you can intentionally sharpen your gift by attending classes, reading books, and practicing with accountability.
  • Remain humble in your gift of prophecy.
  • God is not looking for perfection, He’s looking for a willing vessel.
  • “We are each are our own expression of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Take the time to dig deep and ask God what He’s trying to show us in the midst of all our challenges. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with God and hear His voice for yourself.
  • If you create the space for God to move in your life, He will absolutely speak to you.
  • Resources mentioned: Ep. 103: The Secret to Success with Tom Lane; He Still Speaks

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Here are 2 things to ask God this week:

Are there any lies I’ve believed in the area of hearing Your voice?
What’s a word of encouragement I can share with someone today?

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