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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Charlotte Gambill. Charlotte has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people, and zealous love for God’s House. Her passion is to build the local church across the earth, to see people reach their full potential, and to develop and strengthen leadership. Charlotte is known for her practical, humorous, and passionate application of God’s Word. Charlotte is an author, speaker, pastor, and mother, she leads Life Church in England with her husband Steve and together they have two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Charlotte was inspired to write Today I Choose after her everyday choices became restricted because of the pandemic. Instead, she chose her confession, her attitude, and her actions. What started with her making videos on her phone became a gathering point for people all across the world to daily join in and together choose faith over fear, connection over isolation, and trust in the trials.
  • We are being fed by fear through the news and media, but we have the choice of how we respond to what we hear. We also have the power to make better choices about what information we allow in our lives.
  • Little, deliberate choices change the atmosphere of our homes.
  • The pandemic exposed that our online and shallow connections are not enough to sustain us. Connection won’t just happen, we have to do the work of being open, vulnerable and committed.
  • Connections don’t develop overnight. Invest in the people who are willing to walk with you. Assess where you are and where you’re going and listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
  • Each friendship plays a role in the story of our lives. Sometimes releasing someone makes room for someone else to take that role in your life.
  • We may think we don’t have time for connection, but that person may be an answer to prayer for our time management.
  • Everyone is a leader, but your leadership doesn’t show up until you decide to show up. Decide to led today.

Resources Mentioned:

The Collective Mentorship Program: The Collective is the opportunity to choose your company, cultivate your conversation and deepen your commitment to gaining the wisdom you need for the road ahead.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

I have 2 questions and one action step for you today.

What area of your life feels heavy today?
What are you choosing to believe around that area?

Now, reframe your choices around the area you identified.

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