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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with artist, podcaster, and writer, Michelle Acker. Her mission is to create an uprising of calm and pretty in God’s creation, both people and places. She has a passion for teaching women how to take Simple Steps toward taking control of their mental wellness. She shares those tips on her Simple Steps to Thrive Podcast. She also creates art that reflects the beauty of God’s creation using beeswax and a blowtorch.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Michelle says that fitness is the key to keeping her mental health on track and God has used her joy to help set other people free from depression and anxiety.
  • It’s the little actions that add up. Go on a short walk, get enough sleep, eat real foods, address chaos happening in your home or relationships.
  • Our body isn’t the enemy, it’s alerting us to things that need to be addressed and healed.
  • There isn’t a formula to develop a healthy body image, but it’s a very real struggle. We break free through conversations and partnering with the Holy Spirit and Jesus.
  • Instead of shaming our bodies, we can literally thank them for what they provide for us, even if they don’t look the way we would prefer.
  • “My body reflects God’s image.” Not physically, but the light that is within us reflects God’s goodness. That’s what connects people to God.
  • God didn’t design us to be concerned with the physical appearance of our bodies.
  • One step to thrive is to write out and recite daily statements of truth about your body, values, and goals. Investigate your mindset about your body and ask God what He’s saying to you about it. Get curious about what your body is telling you.
  • “Kindness is key.” Let go of what you want the reflection in the mirror to look like. Focus on how you want to feel inside and how well you want your body to feel.

Resources Mentioned:

The Body Keeps the Score

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