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This episode of Real Talk with Rachael is a bit different because I’m sharing parts of a podcast panel I was part of with author Jess Connolly about her new book Breaking Free from Body Shame. Jess Connolly is a woman who wants to leave her generation more in awe of God than she found it. She is passionate about family, God’s Word, and seeing women take their place in the kingdom. She loves communicating, coffee, color, and the local church. Jess and her husband Nick live in Charleston, SC where they’ve planted Bright City Church. They have four wild and hilarious kids: Elias, Gloriana, Benjamin, and Cannon. They also have an unruly dog named Deacon.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • We need different perspectives on body image. Each person offers something unique and freedom will look different for everyone.
  • The first step in finding freedom from body shame is admitting that we don’t feel okay with our bodies. Jesus came to offer abundant life; there is freedom and healing available through Him.
  • We must address the root of shame to begin to understand how it has affected our image of ourselves.
  • Ask yourself what true body freedom would look like for you practically,  physically, mentally, and spiritually. It may mean changing your priorities.
  • Social media didn’t create our body image issues, but it hasn’t helped. Everyone is lying about how they look and it’s making us hate the way we look.
  • Statistics show that almost all of us, both females and males, struggle with body image. If your loved ones aren’t supportive who aren’t supportive in your efforts to break free, remember that you can love someone and disagree with them. Have honest, vulnerable conversations and set healthy boundaries.

Resources Mentioned:

Biblical body image coloring book
Breaking Free from Body Shame

Let’s Get Real Practical:

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