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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Kelsey Chapman about her new book What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will Take You from Dream to Done. Kelsey is also a podcaster and personal cheerleader to women building their dream life and business. When she first launched her brand in 2015, she felt all the overwhelming feelings, too. It was scary to take such a huge leap and commit to showing up for a dream she didn’t know would pan out. Mentorship is what pushed her to rise up and continue making her dream a reality. Over the first few years of business, she leaned on the shoulders of several incredible mentors who took her under their wing and taught her how to make the jump from dreamer to doer. Kelsey needed their expert wisdom to shift old perspectives, discover the next right steps that would help her execute the vision, and stay hopeful throughout the journey. Her mentors helped shape her character so she could become the CEO and leader she is today. Now she is excited to pay it forward and be that cheerleader for you, too… because she believes YOU can turn your wildest dreams into REALITY.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Mentors are people who are willing to step in and share what they know. They won’t be perfect, but they are present and consistent.
  • Seeking a mentor is uncomfortable. You might get rejected or ghosted, but it’s not personal. Trust that the Lord will provide the right mentor for you if you keep putting yourself out there.
  • Mentorship relationships can look different. Some might be local, some virtual. Some might be paid mentorships if the person is spending a lot of time mentoring.
  • If you find yourself low on energy, you might be giving away what you know to too many people. Pray and ask God if this is the right season for mentorship and who you should invest in.
  • Mentors can help you avoid burnout by providing the accountability to keep you focused on your main goals.
  • If you’re seeking a mentor, start by putting yourself out there by finding groups in person or online with shared interests.
  • If your want to be a mentor, start before you feel ready. You will never feel equipped, but you can put checks and balances in place for when you don’t have the big answers. “Your presence is enough.”

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Contemplate these questions this week –

Are you in a season of needing a mentor, being a mentor, or both?
What specific traits are you looking for in a mentor in this season of your life?
What can you offer to a mentee?

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