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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Lauren Chandler about her book With Us in the Wilderness: A Study of the Book of Numbers. Lauren is a wife and mother of three. Her husband, Matt Chandler, serves as the lead teaching pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Lauren is passionate about writing, music, and leading worship, not only at The Village Church, but also for groups across the country. She is the author of the recently released Bible study, With Us in the Wilderness: A Study of the Book of Numbers, Steadfast Love: The Response of God to the Cries of our Heart, the Bible study, Steadfast Love: A Study of Psalm 107, and a children’s book, Goodbye to Goodbyes: A True Story about Jesus, Lazarus, and an Empty Tomb.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • God’s plan has always involved women and His heart is for women. In Numbers, the test for adultery can be seen as patriarchal, but the heart of God was to give women a chance to vindicate themselves in a male-dominated society.
  • Pause, breathe, and pray for illumination as you lean into reading the harder parts of the Bible. Ask the Lord for clarity, keep reading, and read it again.
  • God can speak in a variety of ways, but we know it’s Him if it’s consistent with the character of God we see in the Bible.
  • “God uses wilderness seasons to show that life is best when centered on Him.” When we’re the center, we end up worn out and enslaved.
  • “We can’t be who God created us to be outside of community.” Seek out community and give people opportunities to be trustworthy. It takes time and you will get hurt, but God has called us to be vulnerable, listen without judgment, and show loving-kindness.
  • If you’ve been hurt before in relationships, own your part and ask forgiveness where you messed up and try again, asking the Holy Spirit for discernment.
  • Your wilderness won’t last forever. God is with you in it and He won’t waste it. Fight against shame and condemnation if you need to rest. You don’t have to do anything; He is pleased in your being because of Christ.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Process and pray, asking God these questions – Where are you in this wilderness season? God, where am I in this wilderness season?

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