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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with Michelle Meyers and Somer Phoebus about their new book She Works His Way: A Practical Guide for Doing What Matters Most in a Get-Things-Done World. Michelle and Somer are also moms, wives, women called to work, best friends, and co-leaders of She Works His Way – a discipleship community for working women.

Michelle Myers is an author, entrepreneur, and motivator. Michelle launched She Works His Way to pour God’s truth into the lives of women in ministry and business. She is the author of Famous in Heaven & at Home. Michelle lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and a daughter. Somer Phoebus is a brick-and-mortar business lover, productivity expert, and pastor’s wife. She is part of the She Works His Way leadership team. In addition to an early career in fashion and retail, Somer started and sold two fitness studios. Somer lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Through She Works His Way Michelle and Somer encourage women to filter everything through the gospel by asking how our actions impact the kingdom of God. The community continually reminds members to surrender to Jesus who brings freedom, energy, and excitement.
  • “If you’re walking with Jesus, where you are right now is where you’re called.” – Somer
  • Whatever work you’re doing, you are in a mission field. God has placed you there to be His representative to those around you. If you invest in people where you are and behave according to the gospel, it creates curiosity in the hearts of those around you and opens doors to speak truth into someone’s life.
  • All women work. Work is not defined by compensation. It’s an intentional effort that you take for the purpose of the glory of God.
  • So often we equate balance with perfection, so our pursuit of balance is futile. Give up chasing balance and surrender it to Jesus. When we seek God first, He shapes our desires.
  • “Attempting to make God equal with the rest of your life is going to equal chaos every single time.” – Michelle
  • Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • Leave margin in your schedule to love people.
  • Inspect the things you keep coming back to that keep leaving you dry. Those things steal energy from the things that truly matter.
  • Accept that you probably didn’t marry someone exactly like you, so you’ll likely have conflict. It’s not personal, they love you first and they see things differently. You don’t have to defend yourself. It’s a gift to have someone who sees things differently.
  • Lower your expectations of your spouse every day. We always expect more than we should. Marriage can’t be forced; it has to be organic. Have fun with each other and be intentional about it. There isn’t a 5 step process to fix your marriage. It’ll look different for everyone. Too much pressure on marriage is what usually breaks it.
  • If you are juggling all the things, remember Matthew 6:33 (“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”) and let it take root in your soul.
  • If you’ve been walking with Christ for a while, encourage someone who hasn’t by extending grace where they’re expecting too much of themselves and point them back to Jesus.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

We get to decide who or what gets our energy. As a physical reminder, consider getting a piggy bank and write the word “energy” on it. Any time someone asks you to do something, look at it as more than time, but energy. Ask yourself if the return was worth the energy you spent on the task. Did it leave you feeling drained?

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SWHW Narrow Conference – November 5-6, 2021

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