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This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Victoria Duerstock. Victoria is a multi-passionate creative and entrepreneur fueled mostly by coffee who pursues her dreams with verve and intensity. Wife and mom of three, Victoria divides and conquers the never-ending to-do list while working to maintain her sanity and pleasant demeanor. Her writing journey plunged her deep into the social media landscape and she enjoys sharing her tips and tricks for growth and engagement with others. Recipient of the 2020 Selah Nonfiction Book of the Year, Victoria has authored six titles, with more on the way. She is the founder and president of End Game Press, a traditional publishing house where ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • You cannot achieve peace in your marriage without intentionally pursuing it.
  • The busyness is the most common peace stealer in our homes. Decluttering our schedules and homes will help free up peace.
  • “When it comes to decluttering your schedule, the enemy is not trying to decide between the good things and the wrong things, it’s trying to decide between the best and the good.”
  • Decluttering allows you to better engage with the people in your home. They can relax and be comfortable in your space. “If the eye can rest, the body can rest.”
  • If you struggle to keep your home decluttered, start small. Start by spending a few minutes every day taking things to the places they belong in your home. Remember that the goal is sustainable progress, but the end result.
  • If you want to redecorate a room but don’t know where to start, shop your home by moving decorations around that you already have to refresh your space. Be willing to try things. And if you know someone who is gifted at decorating, don’t be afraid to ask for their help to make your space personal and beautiful.
  • Don’t stress if interior design doesn’t come naturally to you, remember that making things comfortable is what matters. Be focused on relationships and trust God to put things into place.
  • Prayer allows us to enter into the peace of God. “When I’m praying it’s a reminder of my need because of my lack.”

Resources Mentioned:

Heart & Home book series

Let’s Get Real Practical:

I want to help you cultivate an atmosphere of peace and joy in your home. Ask yourself what is keeping you from playing or being creative, especially in your home. Then be intentional to play or engage in a hobby.

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