This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with Revelation Wellness Director of Culture, Heather Johnson. Heather is a beloved daughter of the King, wife to Charles, and momma to 3 amazing young people. She loves moving her body and walking with Jesus. She is always learning and changing and being transformed by the Word of God. Heather’s greatest passion is to love God, His people, and empower people to step into their divine destinies.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • If you want to love people more, get closer to the Father. Loving people has to first come from being loved by Him. When we run out of love to give, we need God’s love to replenish us.
  • “We’re His be-loved, not His do-loved.” We were created to do good works, but if we don’t sit at His feet, we’ll wear ourselves out.
  • Sit with God and allow Him to minister to you. It’s intimate, personal, and vulnerable, but He is safe. It’s more challenging than checking off boxes.
  • Joy is not situational, joy is the atmosphere of the kingdom. It comes through the Spirit, not circumstances. You learn to truth through seasons of sorrow and loss.
  • We don’t rewrite our theology based on our circumstances, we bring our circumstances to the Lord because He is good.
  • Finding joy in hard seasons requires pressing in and anchoring yourself to God’s Word and His faithfulness. It’s daily work of refusing to not trust God.
  • A relationship with Jesus is deeply personal. He’s not found in the walls of a church, He’s in the places you lay your heart before Him. Spend time being still and present with Him. It’s a discipline.
  • Living well doesn’t happen accidentally, it’s born from intentional heart checks. Be corrected and challenged by God’s Word. Bring the hidden things to the light and be healed. That is our testimony.

Resources Mentioned:

Revelation Wellness Breath Prayer video

Let’s Get Real Practical:

This week try practicing breath prayer for 2 minutes and do frequent check-ins on your heart. Be honest with God and yourself and allow Him to heal you.

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