This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author Dominic Done about his latest book Your Longing Has a Name. Dominic Done is the founder of Pursuing Faith and author of When Faith Fails. With a master’s in theology from the University of Oxford, he has served as a pastor in Portland, Oregon; North Carolina; and Hawaii. Dominic has also taught English for companies in Europe, lectured in theology and history at various Christian colleges, worked as a radio DJ, and lived as a missionary in Vanuatu and Mexico.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • In the Bible, flourishing is directly related to participation in life with God. Something is happening in our culture on a soul level that is broken. We are languishing. We are seeking truth and purpose and as Christians, we have the opportunity to speak into those souls.
  • “What lies beneath languishing is longing.”
  • Society tends to think of the soul as what we become when our bodies die, but scripture says that the soul is the entirety of our being that longs for God. A flourishing soul is in an intimate relationship with Him.
  • Healing begins spiritually, mentally, and physically by taking a pause to breathe deeply. Something happens in the Lord’s presence that renews our souls. He restores our breath.
  • It’s difficult to receive soul rest because we are inundated with so many distractions. God wants us to embody a deep soul rest – a shalom.
  • “The deeper you breathe, the more you’ll heal.”
  • Our technology is giving us neuro overload. We cannot process information as quickly as it’s being given to us. We have to build into our lives the spiritual practice of setting boundaries with our phones so that our souls can heal.
  • When we put on a mask as a means to defend ourselves, it creates a disconnect within us between our soul and our role. In time, our soul suffocates. We must practice living a life without walls. That means confronting the things that are hindering us in order to create synchronicity with the soul.
  • Our “shadow side” is the part of us that remains broken, but a shadow is proof of substance. To confront our shadows we can’t just confess the sin, we need to determine why we struggle with the sin to begin with.
  • Self-control isn’t just resisting harmful things, it’s addressing the deeper longing that motivates the behavior.
  • Releasing your burdens to God needs to be a daily practice, but as you give Him your cares and burdens, He’ll restore your soul.

Resources Mentioned:

Your Longing Has a Name
When Faith Fails
The Care and Counsel Bible

Let’s Get Real Practical:

In what area of your life do you need to return to the Lord so He can refill you?

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