This week on Real Talk with Rachael, I’m talking with my friend, Karen Harmon. Karen is a wife, homeschool mom, business owner, physical therapist, speaker, and writer who also serves her local church on the worship team, as a leader over several small groups, and in the media department doing on-camera work and voiceovers. She owns Function360 which provides specialized physical rehabilitation and wellness consultations for a variety of patients. Karen has spoken at conferences and seminars and has sat on several live events and curriculum panels discussing anything from leadership to motherhood to ministry. She has also contributed several articles for various publications and websites. With transparency and humor, Karen loves to encourage and empower women to passionately pursue Jesus and their God-given dreams and callings through all their many roles.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Being multi-passionate about things doesn’t mean you do everything at the same time. Instead of balancing, ask what it looks like to prioritize and merge different roles. If you struggle to define your priorities, ask what cost you’re willing to pay and what the Lord wants you to pursue.
  • If you wake up miserable every day, your priorities are out of order. When we’re faithful to keep our priorities in line, God is faithful to bless every other area around us as well.
  • Don’t look at the outcome as success, look at obedience as success. “Kingdom currency is obedience.”
  • Are you living in a state of striving or a state of surrender? Check your motivation. Are you doing it for the Lord and to serve His people? Think about how you can serve. It will bring humility.
  • Ask what God has for you in this season instead of comparing yourself to others. God can use your missteps; take the step anyway and ask what you can learn from the experience. Obedience brings blessing.
  • To pursue multiple passions well, pray, plan, then pursue. It’s important to find systems that work for you and your family through each season.
  • You can have a good dream that is also a God dream, but it’s not the right time. Don’t feel like you’re behind, enjoy where you’re at. God has not forsaken your dreams or forgotten your calling. He sees you. He’s faithful.

Resources Mentioned:

3 Action Steps to Overcome Fear & Pursue your God-Given Dreams

Let’s Get Real Practical:

To help determine what stays and what goes when you’re entering a new season, work through these steps –
First, write down everything you’re committed to in the coming months, then circle the non-negotiables.
Next, cross out things you can delegate or things you simply don’t feel at peace to continue doing and make a plan to exit that commitment graciously and with excellence.
Whatever items are left, seek prayer and wise counsel.

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