This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author (and certified laughing yoga coach) Ainsley Britain about her book Don’t Date a BooBoo Dude. Ainsley is also a Podcast Host and Enneagram Coach, helping young adults embrace their confidence, date healthy, and discover their identity in Christ. With extensive training with Josh Shipp, SheSpeaks, and Your Enneagram Coach, she reaches young adults and spurs them on to healthy, God-filled relationships.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Ainsley wrote Don’t Date a BooBoo Dude from her experience of putting her worth in the hands of someone who abused her, although she wouldn’t identify it as abuse until years later. Her abuser reinforced the lies about her identity that she already believed. Through counseling and prayer, she was able to recognize what was really happening.
  • After doing the work of counseling, EMDR treatments, and spending time with God, she stopped over-apologizing, became more confident, and began asking for what she needed in relationships.
  • There is a broken understanding between mentors and students (or in a parent/child relationship, etc.) that leads to broken empathy. In order to bridge that gap, we have to validate them and help them understand their identity in Christ. It’s our responsibility as mentors to teach them the connection between their emotions and actions and processes that allow them to communicate clearly what they feel and need.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Take the What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You Quiz
Ask God – How is my mind? Is there anything it’s time to process?

If these questions bring up a trauma response, please seek the help of a professional. You can find Christian counselors through the NACC at and learn more about EMDR at

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