This week on Real Talk with Rachael, I’m chatting with Morgan Jackson about her new book Tired of Trying: How to Hold On to God When You’re Frustrated, Fed Up, and Feeling Forgotten. Ashley Morgan Jackson is an author, speaker, and social media expert. She works full-time for Proverbs 31 Ministries and has ministered to her own online community for over ten years. She is passionate about women learning to let go of the lie that they have to perform for God’s love and instead realizing that they can receive His love, just as they are. Ashley is a wife of fourteen years to her wonderful husband, Daniel, and a mom to two growing boys. The family lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you asked Ashley what her favorite thing to do is, she would say it’s laughing till it hurts!

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Ashley wrote Tired of Trying after a hard transition period where she struggled with identity loss. Once she surrendered, God broke away the things that she identified herself with and told her who she was in Him, regardless of anything she accomplished. But nothing changed until she was honest and surrendered to the Lord.
  • When we go through hard things, we’re marked by them. But making it through gives us the authority to encourage others on the other side of our struggles, so it’s important to share our stories with others, whether it’s in a public forum or one on one.
  • Sometimes was have to stand with our good God in our discomfort and grieve the things He’s chosen not to do; He knows what’s best for us even if it hurts for a while.
  • Choosing to love and trust God does not take away the hard parts of life. But He will bring peace and purpose.
  • If there’s a lie you continue to believe about yourself, let the Lord reveal the patterns so that He can address the root of what’s hurting us.
  • If you’re in the thick of a hard season, don’t fake it. If it hurts, acknowledge that and grieve it with the Lord. Your honesty is safe with God.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

What am I trying to prove?
What am I afraid to lose?
Is God telling you to lay down the trying because you’re striving in your strength? Or are you burnt out and need a fresh perspective?

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