This week on Real Talk with Rachael I’m talking with author, Natalie Runion. In 2019 after watching many of her peers walk away from the church and their faith, Natalie began Raised to Stay, a ministry for those who have wandered, wondered, and wrestled with the Church and the challenges of full-time ministry. Known for her black boxes of hard truth on social media for the Church and church leaders, her heart is to see a generation finish their race as they partner with a good Father who is faithful to complete the work He began in each of us.

Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • It can be difficult to distinguish between church hurt and church abuse as the line will be different for everyone based on past traumas. Abuse is any harm that causes psychological damage.
  • You can be assured that as part of the Church, you will be hurt and it will take hard work to resolve, but if we stick with it, we can experience the hope and the holy. He is faithful and He will finish what He has started.
  • Celebrity culture has become prevalent in the church. We have to stop putting so much weight on people and put the focus back on God. When we are vulnerable and share our wounds, we point people to Jesus and remove ourselves from the pedestal.
  • It’s okay to wrestle with your role in the Church. People admire those who persevere. Continuing to engage in a relationship with Jesus despite the hurt can help to build the faith of others.
  • It’s important that the older generation mentor and disciple the younger generations. They are not competition, they are collaborators.
  • Offense has become a pandemic in the church. If you are offended, start by looking internally. Take it to God and ask Him to help you discern why and if you’re living with a spirit of offense.
  • Even if you can’t stay in the church, you can still abide in God. He doesn’t disconnect from you when disconnect from the church.

Let’s Get Real Practical:

Have you ever considered how you came to your faith? What’s your salvation story?

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