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This week on Real Talk with Rachael we’re talking with Trudy Cathy White, the daughter of Chick-fil-A founders S. Truett and Jeannette Cathy. Trudy recently released a book called A Quiet Strength: The Life and Legacy Jeannette M. Cathy, about the important behind the scenes role her mother plays in the Chick-fil-A institution to this day. Trudy is a native Georgian and is the co-founder of Lifeshape and Impact 360 Institute with her husband John. She is a speaker, author, and dedicated wife, along with being a mother to four children and grandmother of fifteen.

Today we’re talking about:

  • Remember that being a supportive partner in a marriage or business is very important. “Everything that is seen is the result of the unseen.”
  • Prayer was at the center of their home life, with Jeannette often leading family prayers over their problems.
  • Be careful of putting expectations on other people, especially unspoken expectations.
  • Trudy’s mother was a life long learner and never stopped trying new things, including taking up painting at 65, getting her first computer at 80, and her first iPhone when she was 90!
  • Her mother constantly reminded them of God’s love and providence over their lives, “Remember not only who you are, but whose you are.”
  • “Days are long, but life is short.” Make the most of every opportunity you can.
  • Her mother helped her understand that she could trust God, even when things were going poorly.
  • Learning to never give up but to know when to quit is super important in business and in life.

You can see Trudy’s interview on Fox & Friends here.

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