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This week on Real Talk with Rachael we’re talking to Jennifer Allwood. Jennifer is a passionate cheerleader of women who adds Biblical truth to the modern-day “dream big” mantra. She’s the author of Fear Is Not the Boss of You: How to Get Out of Your Head and Live the Life You Were Made For and host of The Jennifer Allwood Show which holds a regular spot in the Top 25 Entrepreneurship Podcasts in the world with 1.5 million downloads.

Her no-nonsense approach to doing things you are scared to do and saying yes to God is helping women everywhere build the life and business of their dreams. When she’s not coaching her nearly 3,000 clients each month, she’s spending time with her husband Jason and their four children.

Today we’re talking about:

  • Knowing where your fear comes from can help you get to the next step of solving it.
  • Spiritual resistance is common when dealing with fears, Jennifer’s book shows how to deal with that.
  • “Imposter syndrome” often begins when you start a business.
  • Who is teaching our kids how to be brave when they’re scared? It has to come down to the parents.
  • You’re capable of being scared and doing it anyway. “I can do hard things and not die.”
  • “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne
  • Courage is the new confidence
  • “Courage says you may not know what you’re doing but you’ll try it anyway.”

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