Happy Fit Friday!

I’ve got a short devotional and cardio hiit song for you today. Enjoy!



“My eyes are always on the Lord, for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.” Psalm 25:15

POWER THOUGHT: Where your eyes go, your body will follow.

When I teach group fitness classes, and we are doing squats or lunges, I always tell my students “Where your eyes go your body will follow”. That saying came to me when I noticed that if my students stare at the ground they tend to round their back and shift their weight into the balls of their feet. This is a problem because their weight is out of alignment and will cause knee and back pain and possible injuries. Not to mention they don’t get the full benefit of the squats and lunges. The Lord showed me that the same is true with our spiritual walk with him. When we focus on the ground, or our circumstances, our lives tend to get out of alignment and we find ourselves making poor decisions and walking through unnecessary trials. But when we shift our focus back on God and His word then things in our life begin to realign and we produce fruit that only staying connected to the vine(Jesus) can bring. Whatever your circumstances are today, adjust your focus and watch the peace of God settle into your heart and your home.


Take a few minutes to read these questions and journal your answers:

  1. What circumstances have you been starring at and feeling overwhelmed with?
  2. How can you realign your focus on God today?


Here is a short, 4 minute cardio hiit(high intensity interval training) song I recorded for you. Perfect to add to the end of a run or strength workout!

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