Anyone who knows me well would say I am a bit of a fitness gear snob.  Not because I’m high maintenance but because I love all things fitness so I tend to try new gadgets and gear on the market.  Some are flops and some I won’t go without.  For today’s Fit Friday I’m going to share a few with you that I love:

1. 4Head Headbands by Hippie Runner
If you are anything like me it is hard to find a headband that is cute, doesn’t fall off and most importantly, doesn’t give you a headache from wearing it.  When I discovered these I fell in love and I’m not kidding when I say I own 12 different colors!  If you buy 3 you get 1 free, what can I say?! (click image to see more colors and order)

2. Gliding Discs
I’ve been using these for about 5 years now and I have to say they are the one piece of equipment that finally pulled in my belly from having 3 babies.  You can do SO much with them!  Core, lower, cardio and more.  I even did a core tabata video with them you can view here.  Yes, you could use paper plates instead BUT you will go through a ton of plates and these will last you forever.  I like this bundle on Amazon because it comes with a dvd so you can get ideas on how to use them.  (click image to view more)

3. Hydration Belt
This is a recent purchase for me because my husband and I are training for a Spartan Beast. I was getting so dehydrated on my longer runs that I knew I needed something.  My husband uses a Camelback backpack, which I tried, but I wasn’t a fan of the over the shoulders feeling when running.  Yes, this looks like a glorified fanny pack but it does the trick. 🙂  I ordered pink since it was $10 cheaper but they do have black as well. 
(click image for color options)

4. TRX Suspension Trainer
I can’t say enough good things about the TRX.  I teach small group classes at Me Body Baby and the clients get AMAZING results from these.  I purchased one for home use and use it almost daily.  If you had to choose ONE at home piece of workout equipment this would be the one I recommend.  Click the image below to see more information about the product.  It even comes with access to videos and workouts!

5. Power Systems Versa-loop Resistance Bands
This is another one I’ve had for years and it is still going strong.  I use them when I teach small group classes as well as when I work out on my own.  They can be used to do basic things like step outs with bicep curls, or better yet, put one on when you are using the gliding discs above.  Talk about a total body workout!  The blue color shown is the heaviest resistance but you can choose other color options with less resistance once on the site.

I will stop here for today.  This list could go on so I would love some feedback on products you would like to know more about!  Happy Fit Friday!  

(Please note: today’s post contains affiliate links. I will never recommend a product I don’t use and love)

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