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Summer is in full swing which means our days are filled with swim team practice, Vacation Bible School, and popsicles on these hot Texas days.

You would think with so much fun in the air there would be nothing but laughter and good times in our home. But, the truth is, that our three kids are already fighting and whining (and it’s not even officially summer).

If I can get real with you for a moment, I didn’t want to sit down to write this post. Not because I don’t love emailing you all but because I wrestled with feeling like a hypocrite. I am supposed to be telling you about the amazing Bible we received from Tommy Nelson yet just this morning I was yelling and frustrated right alongside my kids.

I had a heart to heart with the Lord and told him I was ready to tap out. I refuse to be one person online and another person in my home. But, after praying and asking for the Lord and my kid’s forgiveness, he showed me this is exactly why I need to share this post.

I will not write and tell you I have it all together and never make mistakes. I fall short of the glory of God on a daily basis. It’s days like these that I thank Jesus for what he did on the cross so I can receive God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

God reminded me today that we have the authority to shift the atmosphere of our home. After I reconciled with my kids, we pulled our Bible out and made a game plan.

When my girls got this adorable hot pink Bible in the mail from Tommy Nelson, they asked me if we could do a Bible reading plan together. If you are a parent, you know questions like this from our kids is music to our ears!

I set out to find a plan but didn’t find one I liked or that was cute. I decided to have one made and I let the girls pick out the colors. Olivia’s favorite color is turquoise and Ellie’s is hot pink, I love both colors so it turned out adorable!

Here is a FREE printable of a chronological Bible reading plan:

Download here!


As I mentioned earlier, we were sent this beautiful Bible to review from Tommy Nelson. Not only is it pink and shimmery but the content and layout are easy to read and perfect for kids of all ages.

Would you like to WIN a copy of this Bible?  Enter the rafflecopter below!

I’m praying the peace of the Lord is ushered into your home as it was mine when I decided to take action and bring God’s word in to calm the storm!


Rachael Joy

P.S. You can also grab a copy of the Bible HERE: NKJV Early Readers Bible

P.P.S. In case you are wondering, we are not as perfect as pictures may seem. Here are some behind the scene bloopers…

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