In today’s talk therapy episode, we are talking about emotions. What are they? Why should we identify them? And next week will learn how to express them.

You will need this emotion wheel for these episodes on emotions.

the emotion wheel

Scripture portrays both human beings and God as having emotions. Human emotions and sentiments are of importance to the life of faith. Human feelings can be positive or negative and are subject to change and misinterpretation.

Examples of emotions that are shown by God: compassion, love, joy, anger.

Examples of emotions shown by man: joy, love, sorrow, pain, fear.

If you won’t let yourself feel bad emotions, why would you let yourself feel good ones?

Emotions are not the vehicle but they are an expression of what’s happening in the car. They are the turn signal, fasten seat belt alert, horn, and headlights. They alert us when something is off internally. Yes, they can be wrong, but we still need to address it to calm our brain down.

Emotions are just doing their job….so feel them, express them and then tell them its OK. 

Emotions are not the enemy. The more we embrace them the less they control us. Not feeling or expressing emotions only makes them grow and get expressed in awkward ways. 

Today, let’s focus on learning to identify your feelings by using the emotion wheel. Identify which emotions you feel by recognizing them and saying it aloud.  

Looking at the wheel, identify one of the core 8 feelings that you are feeling now or have felt today. Now go down the list and connect the dots on identifying those emotions. 

Next week we will discuss how to feel and then express emotions so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!


emotion wheel


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