Are you tired of being at war with your body—and your thoughts about your body? As a fitness instructor, Rachael Gilbert struggled with shame when she didn’t measure up to her dream body image. Then, as a licensed counselor, she realized how many of us bury the same painful insecurities. We need restoration from the inside out.

In Image RESTored, Rachael offers professional guidance, coloring pages, Scripture, prayers, journaling prompts, and teaching videos to help you experience true freedom. See your whole self in a new way as you learn:

  • A biblical perspective on eating, fitness, and godly self-confidence.
  • Tools for overcoming comparison and trauma.
  • How to reframe stories that formed your attitude toward your body.
  • Counselor-inspired strategies to help you appreciate how God made you.
  • Ways to use thoughts and feelings so they help you rather than sabotage you.

Rich with spiritual and therapeutic insights, this Christian body image workbook calls us to experience healing and wellness that grounds us in God’s love and builds us up in truth.



  • The private, popup Image Restored Podcast (10-minute teachings from each chapter)
  • Notes template for the Image Restored Podcast
  • The Image Restored Playlist (Apple & Spotify)
  • Printable Coloring Sheets from the book
  • Printable Therapeutic Worksheets from the book

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Excerpt from the foreword by Pastor Robert Morris

Senior pastor of Gateway Church and author of The Blessed Life

Is there a struggle more universal than the one surrounding our views of our own bodies? Satan knows this is an easy target, and frankly, it’s one that is not discussed very often in the Church. That’s why I am so glad Rachael wrote this book and shined a bright light on this subject. I love how she mixes real life experience with a biblical worldview and the expertise of a therapist. I believe there is such a need for this book right now in the Church, and there’s no better person to write it than Rachael.

Robert Morris

senior pastor of Gateway Church and author of The Blessed Life


Holley Gerth

Wall Street Journal–bestselling author of What Your Mind Needs for Anxious Moments

“Every woman has struggled with body image issues, but not every woman has a wise, insightful, encouraging, and authentic guide to help. That’s exactly what you’ll get through Rachael Gilbert on these pages. Her words are an echo of the heart of the Creator, who deeply loves and intentionally designed every part of you.”

Alisa Keeton

Founder of Revelation Wellness®; author of The Wellness Revelation and Heir To the Crown

“The church needs more books like this that teach us how to live out our faith as human beings with a body – an embodied faith. According to the book of James, faith without action is no faith at all. Wouldn’t it be just like the enemy of our joy and freedom to keep us stuck in a cycle of obsessing and neglecting our bodies, never free to glorify God with our bodies? This book will help you break free from that fruitless cycle. Rachel doesn’t just talk to you about your body image but works with you until how you see your body mirrors how God sees you. By the time you finish this book and do this book, your body home will be built on The Rock. This way, the next time a trending fitness fad or food rule rolls into town, you stay free!”

Michelle Myers

cofounder of She Works His Way and author of the Conversational Commentary series

“Body image struggles are so much more than a body issue—and finally, there’s a book that tells the whole story. Inside these pages, Rachael pulls from her love for the Lord, her training as a counselor, and being a woman who has been there to weave together a beautiful combination of God’s truth, personal reflection, and practical application. If you struggle to see yourself how God sees you, this is the conversation for you.”

Dr. Jon Chasteen

EdD, president of The King’s University & Seminary, senior pastor of Victory Church, author of Half the Battle

“I’m so glad you picked up this book. I doubt if you’ve read a more transparent and unfiltered book that is sure to change the way you think. From the very first pages, my longtime friend Rachael Gilbert wastes no time reading your mail and challenging your thinking. If you need your image restored, this spiritually accurate yet profoundly practical book will give you a perfect blueprint to construct a healthy picture of who you are in Christ. What are you waiting for? Start reading it today!”

Dr. Linda Hoover

PsyD, clinical psychologist and Executive Dean of Academics at the King’s University

“A must-read for anyone struggling with body image or identity. Rachael artfully brings together personal experience, clinical expertise, and spiritual truths for a winning combination. Her honest stories welcome the reader through healing’s open door. She provides the practical guidance of a professional counselor’s voice and the gentle invitation to measure beliefs against the plumbline of God’s Word. Rachael’s creative approach makes for an interactive and pleasurable therapeutic experience.”

Dr. Mary Dainty

PhD, LPC-S, private practitioner and counselor supervisor, adjunct faculty at the King’s University

“If perfectionism has ever influenced your self-image, this book offers relief and hope. Rachael unravels the mysteries of shame, guilt, hidden hurts, and unresolved trauma as they relate to body image. She captures the nuances of self-awareness and recovery while providing a road map for healing the soul. Rachael’s skilled and informative approach as a licensed mental health professional offers a safe place for finding healing.”

Dr. Amy O’Hana

PhD, licensed professional counselor and author of Beyond Burnout

“For the Christian woman struggling with body shame, author Rachael Gilbert has a message of freedom for you: Your body is good. In a creative integration of spiritual and psychological principles, Rachael shares the hard stories—the real stories—that convince you of this truth. Image RESTored will positively change your relationship with your body—and yourself—and the God who beautifully designed it.”

Dr. Shannan Crawford

PsyD, licensed psychologist, podcast host of Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford

“What a refreshing, powerfully written book of thought-provoking insights providing practical applications that can be used right away. I love the conceptualizations for the counselor and the strategies of how to navigate those client dynamics effectively.”

Dannah Gresh

founder of True Girl, best-selling author

“Rachael has written a delightful guide for every Christian woman who wants to finally replace the lies she believes about her body with truth from God’s Word. She writes like a friend who is cheering you on. But make no mistake— you’re reading well-researched wisdom from a counselor who is trained to help you!”

Ashley Willis

author of Peace Pirates

Image RESTored offers readers an incredibly clear and thorough blueprint for overcoming body image issues. Rachael writes with the knowledge and expertise of a therapist and the compassion and vulnerability of a dear friend. This resource is chock-full of real-life stories, therapeutic insights, practical tips, applicable Scripture, and so much more. It is a must-read for anyone desiring to be free from the bondage of body image insecurities.”

Amy Ford

President of Embrace Grace, author of Help Her Be Brave: Discover Your Place in the Pro-Life Movement

“This is a message that all of us women have needed. Rachael went there with a topic that many of us struggle with but no one really talks about. What a transformative and grace-filled message on overcoming the lies we believe about our bodies and replacing them with God’s truth!”


About Rachael Gilbert

Rachael Gilbert, MMFT, is a wife, mom, counselor, owner of BBC Health, Revelation Wellness instructor, and host of the popular podcast Real Talk with Rachael. She combines her clinical expertise and personal experience to help women overcome fear and insecurity to walk confidently in their God-given dreams. Rachael enjoys the great outdoors on hiking adventures with her family. She resides in the suburbs of Dallas with her husband, Matt, three children, and a growing herd of animals.


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