Recently I had lunch with a friend of mine who used to be a blogger but is now a podcaster. We were discussing how most Christian bloggers/podcasters/speakers have a life message. When you think of that person you think of the thing they are most passionate about. My friend and I discussed how we both feel a little all over the place with our life message.

I left that lunch last week and have been thinking about it ever since. I’ve had seasons where I am more passionate about one thing or another. For example, I am passionate about fitness (God’s way), strong marriages and overcoming timidity (to name a few). But I don’t think I could say any of those truly sum up the message God has put within me.

As I thought and prayed about this today I felt the Lord remind me that my life message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of him, I am no longer a slave to sin. Because of him I have been redeemed and set free from my past and sins. Because of him, I have hope for the future.

I took a moment today to read the gospel message in Matthew. I read it with fresh eyes, though I’ve heard it hundreds of times in church and read it many times. When I read it today, I wept. I wept as I slowly read how Jesus was beaten, persecuted, mocked and blamed for things he did not do. Not only did he take those insults and beatings but he pressed on to the cross. He did that for you and me.

It’s close to midnight in my time zone and I am tired from a long day but I feel the Lord asking me to stay awake a bit longer and write a short letter to Jesus. I pray this letter encourages you to seek Jesus. The Bible says he stands at the door and knocks, if we will simply hear his voice and open the door, he would love to come into your heart. He is knocking tonight my friend. Open that door.

Dear Jesus,

As I read the account of your life, your ministry and your sacrifice, I was moved to tears. You had the power and authority to walk away from the cross, but you didn’t. Instead, you stayed and suffered an unthinkable death on account of me and many others who do not deserve God’s grace and forgiveness. You bore our sins that we might live an abundant life. I am so sorry, Jesus. I am sorry for taking this free gift for granted. I am sorry for using your name in vain. I am sorry for using your name to bring myself glory. I am sorry for going days on end without talking to you. I am sorry for doubting who you are and what authority God has given you. Please forgive me. Thank you for what you did on the cross.  Thank you for selflessly showing me how to be a leader. Thank you for demonstrating how to hear God’s voice and obey when he calls. Thank you for bridging the gap for me and father God. Thank you for this gift of abundant life. I choose today to lay down my selfish desires and pick up my cross and follow you.


Rachael Joy

My life message is clear now friends:  to know Jesus and make him known. What’s your life message?

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