I came to the library this morning with my kids in hopes to get some quite time to write this post while my kids read books. But instead, I was greeted with a noisy library full of moms, toddlers and crying babies who just got out of story time. I’ve never heard such a noisy library. My first instinct was to get irritated but then I realized how perfect it is for me to write a post about motherhood while I sit in the noise of it all.

If you are a mom, you can relate when I say that motherhood isn’t always what we think it will be. We have grand plans of how our lives will look and how our kids will act, but we both know neither ever meet our expectations. 

I was honored to review the book “Magic of Motherhood” by the writers of the famous blog Coffee + Crumbs.  The funny (or should I say, ironic) thing is that the book was in my mailbox when I came home from a retreat I spoke at and I woke up the next morning to my son in bed with me like this:

I can honestly say this book is the easiest read I’ve done in a long time. It is simply a collaboration of multiple mom’s stories. It is light hearted, funny and pulls on your momma heart strings in ways you didn’t know you needed. Though it is not a self-help book it has blessed me in unexpected ways on this motherhood journey.

It just so happens that I am a guest blogger over at Revelation Wellness today where I am sharing a glimpse of the beginning of my motherhood story. You can read my article on Raising Arrows HERE.

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