As I mentioned in this post I haven’t always been a bold person. In fact, I have lived the majority of my 30 years very timid, afraid and well…in my shell! 

I turned 30 this last weekend and my friends and family threw me a surprise party(more to come on that later).  At this party several of my friends and family told me how much I inspire them because I don’t hesitate to move when God tells me to…I just do it.  After the party I was talking with my husband about that and we couldn’t help but smile because when we first got married I was everything opposite of just doing…I was literally paralyzed by my fear and insecurities.  So I asked God to show me where the change began and he showed me different people and things he placed in my life to pull me out of my shell with the most influential person being my fearless leader…my husband.

Before my husband, Matt, became a chiropractor he was a personal trainer.  I remember him telling his clients(and me) that if you don’t feel like exercising just come anyway and get on the treadmill and walk for 5 minutes.  He told us that if you didn’t feel like exercising after walking for 5 minutes then you can go home.  But do you think anyone ever quit after the 5 minutes?  No.  In fact, every single person thanked him for inspiring them to just move and the rest of their day was better for it.

Matt used that same principle with me over the years and just kept encouraging me to give it a try because he knew that all it took was me moving an inch to eventually be running in a full sprint. 

Even though we looked like this on our wedding day:

I still felt like this same little girl from the 6th grade on the inside:

But after years of allowing God to use people like my husband(and so many others) to pull me out of my shell I am not that same shy, timid girl I once labeled myself as….now people look to me to be pulled out their shell both physically with group exercise and spiritually in their everyday life. I can tell you that this girl who was snorkeling in Maui just a month ago is now bold on the inside and the outside:

You may not have a fearless leader in your life but just know that God wants to be your fearless leader.  My challenge for you today:  just do something. Even if it’s walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes or talking to someone in the check-out line that you feel the Lord asking you to bless.  Those baby steps will take you from where you are now to exactly where God wants you to be. 

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