Do you have childhood memories that you can remember like it was yesterday? Good or bad, our childhood shapes who we are today. I recently visited my parents and took a stroll down memory lane. Memories came flooding back as I walked along the same road I have walked a thousand times and rounded the corner to the same set I have stepped foot on more than once. The crisp country breeze was like a breath of fresh air as I gazed upon the land that was full of grass, trees, exotic animals and breathtaking sunsets. As I reminisced on all the childhood memories I had on this land the Lord showed me the beautiful seeds that were planted in me that are birthing fruit in my life today.

While I was visiting my parents I recorded a Facebook live video to show you what I am referring to in the picture I just described. Though I don’t feel words can do the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater justice(you must visit yourself):

My parents began the Picture in Scripture Amphitheater when I was only a baby and every summer I would participate in the play. I was having the word of God planted in me in a very real way because the plays were written in such a way to illustrate stories in God’s word.

Not only did my parents instill God’s word in me through these productions, but also, in church and Sunday school. I can still quote scripture to this day that I learned in Sunday school.

But here is the truth. Though I had God’s word in me at an early age, I did not always apply it to my life. Now that I am a parent I can see how disheartening that must have been for my parents. They were doing everything right on their end yet I was not receiving it. But isn’t that exactly what we are supposed to do as parents? We are supposed to teach them the way of the Lord and when they are older they will not depart from it. I love that God’s word tells us there may be a time period when our children don’t follow God’s word!  Our job is to simply instill the word in them and trust God to bring it to life in due season.

I am a product of two parents who taught me God’s word and trusted the Lord with His timing in growing and nurturing that word. Because of this, I am passionate about doing the same for my children. I always love finding new resources that make my job easier which is why I love the new International Children’s Bible “Holy Bible with Devotions from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling”.

This book is God’s word written in a language that children can understand. To be honest, I have enjoyed using it myself too! It also includes devotions from “Jesus Calling”. My girls, ages 8 & 10 are loving it.

Parents, do not discount the things you are instilling in your young children. I am also reminded while what we teach them is important so is what we keep them from seeing. My husband and I always research and pray before allowing our kids to watch certain shows or movies. Be careful little eyes what you see is not just a cute song but a principle we should all live by. Don’t give up in sowing good things in your kids; you will reap a harvest in due season if you do not give up.

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