Back by popular demand is our third annual Process and Pray series. Each December, we spend every Monday morning in a series where we process and pray through the year. Each week the focus will be different, but the theme of processing, praying, and praising will remain the same. I asked the Lord to show me four areas he wants us to process before we move into the new year.

Part 1: Disappointment

As a therapist, I like to start by looking back and processing the hard things so we can embrace the present and look forward to the future. In this episode, we are going to start by processing disappointments. We will also look at what didn’t work this year so we can let that go as we move into the new year. Jesus cares about our past, present, and future. Let’s start by welcoming Him into this journey.

Process these questions throughout the week in a journal:

  1. What disappointments did I experience in 2022?
  2. What didn’t work in 2022? Consider schedules, expectations, etc.
  3. Have I grieved this disappointment or numbed the pain with passive activities like eating, shopping, social media, or other avoidant activities?
  4. God, what do you want to redeem that was stolen in 2022?

Part 2: Victories

Jesus cares about our past, present, and future. Let’s welcome Him into this journey. Pray, “Jesus, what victories do you want to remind me of from this year?”

Process these questions throughout the week in a journal:

  1. What victories or breakthroughs came in 2022?
  2. What went well that I want to carry into 2023?
  3. Thank God for these victories with your voice
  4. Tell someone about the goodness of God

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Part 3: Values and Resources

Resources are anything we have in our hand – time, money, energy, and influence. Values are the core of who we are and what we do. Everyone has values, but we don’t always stop to ask what they are and if they are biblical.

Process the following questions throughout the week in a journal –

  • What are my values?
  • Are those values biblical?
  • Did my values align with how I used my resources in 2022?
  • God, what values and resources do you want me to take into 2023?

Part 4: Dreams & Desires

In this episode, we’re finishing the series by giving God the dreams and desires of our hearts.

Process the following questions throughout the week in a journal –

  1. What dreams or desires of your heart came to pass this year?
  2. What dreams are still in your heart, but don’t seem to be coming to pass?
  3. Is it time to let that dream go OR do I need to stand in faith for it?
  4. What dream do you want to deposit in my heart for 2023?

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