When I speak and counsel on the topic of body image I see two common themes….shame and pride.

Let’s chat briefly about shame in the area of body image.

As a Christian counselor, I like to start by searching the Bible to see what God has to say about a topic.

I have been drawn to the story of Eve since she was the first woman to experience shame and the urge to hide her body.

While I can’t go too deep on this post about what I am learning about Eve (though I will in a future book) I want to be clear about shame and your body.

God never designed us to be hyper-aware of our bodies. He also never meant for shame to surround our bodies.

Shame is from the enemy.

Be aware of anyone who tries to shame you for eating too much or too little.

Shame comes in all forms and sizes:

We feel shame for doing too much.
We feel shame for doing too little.
We feel shame for how we act.
We feel shame for how we look.
We feel shame over our checking account.
We feel shame for going too slowly.

This “shame list” could go on and on. Fill in your own blanks.

But know this, we serve a God who loves us and never condemns us. He is for us. He made you exactly how you are in all ways for a reason.

The enemy knows if he can trap us in a shame cycle than we will never be set free.

Start by recognizing shame and deciding not to agree with it.

Jesus came to carry our sin and shame. Let him carry you today.

When it comes to your body, ask God to show you where you carry shame. Then lay it at the feet of Jesus.

When it comes to how to steward your body, ask God for your marching orders. He knows how your body is wired and will give you wisdom on how to take care of it.

Remember, you are not alone in your struggles.

Always cheering for you,

Rachael Joy

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