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It’s time for some #realtalkwithRachael. Anytime something is weighing on my heart I know it’s the Lord asking me to bring it into the light so we can discuss.

{Disclaimer:  Anytime you see the #realtalkwithRachael posts it means it is real, raw, and unedited. By no means am I up on a soapbox or claiming to have all the answers. I am simply bringing a topic into the light that needs to be discussed so the enemy can’t continue to have that territory in our lives.}

It’s the season of many parties and gatherings which means there will be plenty of opportunities to feel left out and overlooked. I have already felt left out this season. And I have also already left others out. Why? Because we are human and sometimes we hurt each other. I truly don’t believe anyone ever does it on purpose but it’s just a part of life.

I recently hosted a Favorite Things party at my house and it brought up some thoughts I’ve had about social media over the last year. I hesitated to share about the party on social media because I didn’t want anyone to feel left out or unseen. The truth is that if I could invite every single person in the world to my home I would do so in a heartbeat. But since I can’t, I had to wrestle with whether or not to share and I felt the Lord said: “yes, share and then address the elephant in the room that everyone deals with on a daily basis“.

If you haven’t noticed, most of social media is us posting our highlight reels. Very seldom do we post pictures of our failures and heartaches. I’m not saying that we should (because nobody comes to social media to get depressed). Yet somehow many of us find ourselves depressed after being on social media.

Why is it that we feel depressed from getting on social media? Because we are seeing the highlight reels of our friends lives all while looking at our dirty laundry and real life in the background.

I’ve become more aware recently of how my posts might make others feel because I, too, have been on the receiving end of rejection on social media. There are few things that sting worse than seeing that you weren’t invited to a certain party or to see friends get together for coffee without you. Or to see you weren’t invited to be a part of a ministry or business opportunity. Rejection hurts. There is no way around that. But God has shown me a few ways to handle this in the last year and I want to share them with you in case you can relate:

Keep on Sharing

As I wrestled with whether or not to share pictures of my life, whether it be a vacation or a party, I felt God tell me to keep on sharing. I share not to brag but instead for others to see God at work in my life. When God is glorified in all that we do there is no need to preach to someone. Our life speaks for itself.

To my friends who host a party and don’t invite me, go on vacation, get a job promotion or celebrate a huge victory:  SHARE your photos! The truth is that if I was supposed to be at an event or party, God would have opened the door for me to be there. If I wasn’t invited it was because that is not the circle I was supposed to be in that day, or possibly that season. I want my friends to have the freedom to know I am REJOICING with them when they have a victory. There is no need to walk on eggs shells around me. Can we all agree to release one another and extend grace? 

Keep on Trusting

If you are on the receiving end of feeling overlooked and left out, will you trust God that as you celebrate your friends’ success, God will lift you up in due season? When we choose jealousy over joy we open the door for bitterness and resentment. A deep seed of bitterness or resentment will rob any future relationship of true intimacy. Choose to let it go and use your words to congratulate friends on a job (or party) well done.

Pray before you Post

I always say a simple prayer before I post on social media. Is this post to bring glory to me or God? Is there anything in this post that will offend?  If so, do I need to address that in the post? When in doubt, don’t.

Friends, I know it’s not easy to keep a good attitude when we feel overlooked but we must choose joy. Don’t put God in a box. If he can do it for one person he can do it for many. He is a good, good father. You are not overlooked or forgotten. You are a child of the king and he is crazy for you. This post is a reminder that he sees you. Rest and rejoice in him today.

Keeping things real,

Rachael Joy

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