The Power of Persistent Prayer

Tune in to this week's talk therapy episode to pray with me. A few years ago, my husband bought me a random sign from Hobby Lobby that says: This sign sits above the tub in our bathroom, and it reminds me to pray without ceasing. However, even with that sign as a...

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Talk Therapy: The Coping Series

Week One: Bilateral Stimulation to Calm your Nerves We are starting a new mini-series on coping skills to calm your nerves and retrain your brain. In this series, I will teach practical coping skills you can implement into your daily routine. I encourage you to try...

christian counseling

Talk Therapy: The Growth Series

We serve a God of growth. Just look all around you. From the beautiful trees and flowers to human beings. When God says grow, nothing we do will stop it from happening. Don’t be mistaken, even when we don’t SEE the growth, it is happening. If you feel stuck or...

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4 Simple Grounding Techniques

One of my favorite things to do as a therapist is to give my clients resources they can use outside of the therapy room. I call this their "therapy toolbox". We do our best to fill it with useful tools they can use as the need arises. Grounding techniques are a...


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