Week One: The REAL Reasons We Avoid Hard Conversations

This is the first episode in a new mini-series all about hard conversations.

This week I’m talking about the real reasons we avoid hard conversations. Contrary to what we lead ourselves to believe, we are not always taking the higher road by not saying anything. Having healthy, hard conversations is taking the road less traveled and your relationships will thank you for doing so.

Here are just a FEW of the reasons I believe we avoid them:

  • They require things we are afraid to give: vulnerability, humility, forgiveness, responsibility, boundaries
  • A healthy hard conversation requires us to self-reflect.
  • We look for quick fixes. A hard conversation doesn’t offer an easy out. The easy way out looks like gossiping about the situation or person but never bringing it to their direct attention. It also can look like harboring bitterness, resentment, or purposefully distancing yourself. But sweeping things under the rug ruin not only our relationship in the long run but also any other new relationships that come in because of unresolved conflict.

Conversation Challenge:

  • What are you afraid of when you think of having a hard conversation? Take time to self-reflect and see what you can take personal responsibility for this week.
  • “God, show me any fears or thoughts not from you about having hard conversations.”

Resource mentioned:

Communication guide

Week Two: Why We Need to Have Hard Conversations

Why we need to have hard conversations:

  • Debunk assumptions and expose invisible walls
  • Restore relationships
  • Release relationships

Conversation Challenge:

    • Think about one relationship in your life that matters to you. It matters because God has put that person in your life and He has asked you to invest in the relationship.
    • Do you feel a distance in that relationship? Would you like to be closer?
    • Ask God to highlight one thing you could bring to attention in that relationship.
    • Pray over that relationship this week.

Resource mentioned: Communication guide

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